CapSlam ReCap RunDown



We are a little behind on the CapSlam ReCaps as our Slam Master has been dealing with some health concerns. So, we are going to do a Lightning Round of ReCaps  o make sure everyone is up to date!


Feb. 6th

Feature: Sabrina Benaim


  1. DMP – 55.8
  2. Blue – 55.5
  3. Lazy Hero – 53.9
  4. Schuster – 53.4
  5. Emma F. – 52.6
  6. Omar Saghir – 25.9
  7. Nina Vuleta – 25.7
  8. Sophie – 22.8


Feb. 13th

CIPS Qualifier to pick the CapSlam rep for the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championships.

  1. Apollo the Child
  2. Kay Kassirer
  3. DMP
  4. Omar Saghir
  5. Blue
  6. Nina Vuleta
  7. D-Zaster
  8. Emma F.
  9. Billie the Kid
  10. Victoria Lucas
  11. Sarah Kabamba


Feb. 20th

Feature – Prufrock

The penultimate regular season slam

  1. Nina Vuleta
  2. Kirsten Pulles
  3. Omar Saghir
  4. Word Witch


Now you a re all caught up! Our final regal reason CapSlam in on March 5th and features Rafay Ansari!


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