Capital Slam Recap #2


Our seonc slam of the season, a mere week after the kick-off, and once again… new faces… new voices… new venue…. NEW LIFE!

Rusty hit the stage at Cafe Nostalgica to open up the Open Mic portion of the show and a CapSlam fave rocked out – Mayhem!

A last minute swap then had Rusty sharing a poem for the crowd!

Then it was time for the slam and an Open Micer last week became the Sac Poet this week: Oakley! 9.5 9.2 8.2 8.0 8.4 – 25.8

Big range!

Then Rusty pulled out his magic hat to get the slam itself under way!

First up… CPC Director and CapSlam team member, Sarah Ruszala! 8.9 9.5 9.1 8.5 9.0 – 27.0

Next up was last week’s winner… Blue! 9.4 9.4 8.9 9.7 9.4 – 28.2!

Next was yet another newcomer to the CapSlam stage…. Liz Clarke! 9.8 9.5 9.5 9.0 9.4 – 28.4!

Next we had a member of the Urban Legends team! Infinite Mind! 9.7 9.6 9.5 7.8 9.1 – 28.2

Another CapSlam team member hit the stage next – DMP! 9.9 9.7 8.0 9.8 9.3 – 28.8!

We wrapped up the round with Lazy Hero! 9.3 9.1 9.2 8.4 8.9 – 27.2

Then we had a break (where people took the opportunity to order from Cafe Nostalgica’s yummy menu!) before coming back for an AMAZING FEATURE!!!!

King Kimbit and Rational Rebel have put together a set with music and poetry running back and forth with panache! It was a great treat to have them share on our stage! Superb!

Then it was back to the slam!

First up… DMP! 9.5 9.2 9.0 9.7 9.6 – 28.3

Daniel had the lead after the first round… would it hold up?

Next was Sarah Ruszala! 8.9 9.6 7.3 9.4 8.9 – 27.2

Then came Liz Clarke, who rocked the mic… but ran 4:05 for a 3 point penalty. 9.3 9.7 9.6 9.8 9.3 – 25.6

Lazy Hero was next! 9.2 9.5 8.5 9.2 9.0 – 27.4

The penultimate poet was Infinite Mind! 9.7 9.4 9.8 9.7 9.2 – 28.8!

We finished off with Blue! 9.2 8.8 9.2 9.0 9.1 – 27.3

Final Results

1. DMP – 57.1
2. Infinite Mind – 57.0
3. Blue – 55.5
4. Lazy Hero – 54.6
5. Sarah Ruszala – 54.2
6. Liz Clarke – 54.0 (the time penalty dropped her from 2nd)

Next up, on Oct. 17th, (yes)tefania!

Capital Slam New Season ReCap #1


A new season, a new home, and a whole mess of new poets!

After being at Mercury Lounge for so long, switching to Cafe Nostalgica was bound to seem a little odd at first…. but the staff there were so welcoming that we felt at home right away!

Did it feel a little different? Sure, but change is good and it felt like time for a new beginning!

(Of course everyone really missed the presence of DJ RPM spinning tunes… right? Right? Anyone?)

(All right, so Rusty missed DJ RMP spinning tunes…)

(I still got to host, though…)

As always, we kicked off with an Open Mic. First up was a newcomer to CapSlam (a common theme tonight), Sajeepam! He was the first of FIVE new voices on our stage!

The second Open Micer was Oakley, who returned after a lengthy absence!

Great to have both of you sharing with us!

Then it was time for the slam, but as Sarah was quick to point out, we needed some sacrificial blood first! Rusty turned to the Urban Legend, Playto! 8.8 7.0 8.7 7.2 8.7 – 24.6

The bar was set, the judges were practiced, the host was rambling so it was time to dip into the magic hat!

First up was a last minute addition to the slam, Limitless! 8.9 8.9 8.9 7.8 8.8 – and the first of FOUR time penalties on the night. He went 3:17 and ended at 26.1

New voice followed by new voice as Lazy Hero hit the mic! 9.3 8.6 8.8 8.0 8.9 – 26.3

We went from new to CPC Director as Sarah Ruszala was called up! 9.6 9.4 9.2 8.6 9.2 – 27.8

Next was another new voice…. though she CLEARLY had done some slamming somewhere else. (Turns out it was Edmonton. Shout out to Breath In Poetry!) BLUE! (Not that one…) TEN TEN TEN 9.5 9.5 – 29.5!!

Next was a CapSlam debut, but someone who has been performing at CPC SummerSlam shows, Word Witch! 8.6 7.8 8.6 8.6 8.9 – 25.8

We wrapped up the first round with yet another new CapSlammer, Gabe! 8.9 9.1 8.9 9.2 9.1 – 27.1

After a short break, Lukayo Estrella gave us a great feature set, which doubled as their very first poetry video launch party… and tripled as their new website launch party! Check it out at!

Great set! Great poetry! great person!

Then we were back at it for round 2 of the slam! Blue had a commanding lead, but would it hold?

First up in the second round was Lazy Hero! 8.9 7.0 9.8 9.0 8.7 – 26.6

Sarah Ruszala joined the time penalty brigade by going 3:19 with her second poem. 9.4 9.2 9.5 9.3 9.2 – 27.4 (after a .5 deduction.)

Next was Gabe…. who absolutely blew the room away. Pure power and emotion. Amazing. TEN TEN TEN 9.9 TEN…. but thy went 3:47 to end at 28.0

Nobody cared about the score at that point.

Limitless had the unenviable task of following Gabe (by his own admission). 8.6 8.3 8.8 8.9 9.0 – 26.3

Blue also got a big time penalty. They went 3:52 for a 2.5 point deduction… but the scores were up to the challenge. TEN 9.9 TEN 9.9 TEN – 27.4

We finished up with a second poem by Word Witch. 9.1 7.6 8.9 8.9 8.9 – 26.7

The announced standings were a little messed up (fire the scorekeeper!), but here are the actual results…

(just kidding about firing the scorekeeper… never fire volunteers…) :)

1. Blue – 56.9
2. Sarah Ruszala – 55.2
3. Gabe – 55.1
4. Lazy Hero – 52.9
5. Word Witch – 52.5
6. Limitless – 52.4

We are back at Cafe Nostalgica in ONE SHORT WEEK as we host KING KIMBIT and RATIONAL REBEL on October 3rd!

Capital Slam Season Opener – Sept. 26th!

This is the big news!!

Starting this season, Capital Slam has a new home!


We have been fans of this venue ever since they rebuilt it. YouthCanSlam did some bouts there and it was very clear that it is a great room for Spoken Word.


MORE BONUSES – You can now get something to eat while enjoying poetry at our shows! Woot!

The show itself stays the same… we start sign-up at 6:30 and the show runs 7:15-10pm. It is still $8 to enter and free for performers.

It is still the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month… starting in October.

We had a slight scheduling issue this month so the season will kick-off on the 4th Saturday of the month… September 26th.

That means it will be a SIX WEEK GAP between CPC run slams so I KNOW people will be ready to throw down!

On top of all THAT, our feature will be the super-amazing, awesomely-talented FESTRELL!!!

And word is, he will be debuting a brand new video at the show!

BIG NEWS! One of the oldest slams in the country, reborn!

Cafe Nostalgica is at 601 Cumberland St, just off Laurier on the University of Ottawa campus.



As the summer draws to a close so does this season of the CPC Summer Slam and we wrapped things up with a feature by the full 2015 CapSlam team!

But with all those poets featuring, who was going to slam? The Urban Legends team stepped up (minus ApolloTheChild who had a VERY important prior engagement!).

Four members of the 2015 UL team signed up, along with the Word Witch!

Rusty launched into the show without warning, dropping the origin of every poem, before giving way to Jenny, who rocked the open mic.

Soon, the audience was calling for blood and Sarah Ruszala stepped up to be our noble sacrifice. 9.0 8.5 9.2 8.2 9.2 – 26.7

Note: there were some tough judges… but they were consistent and fair! Yeah for doing the tough job!

Then Rusty dipped into the magic hat as the poets came out for a 3-minute round.

First up was Dali! 8.0 7.0 9.5 7.0 7.8 – 22.8

Next was and old friend of CapSlam’s (and the new co-director of Urban Legends), Playto! 9.0 8.2 8.9 7.8 7.8 – 24.9

He was followed by the third UL team member, Girly-Boy! 8.8 8.7 9.2 7.0 7.9 – 25.4

Setting the bar was the FOURTH UL team member, Infinite Mind! 9.8 9.0 9.5 8.5 9.0 – 27.5!

We wrapped up with a new regular, Word Witch! 8.9 9.8 7.5 7.0 8.2 – 24.6

With followed the first round with a sneak peak of a play by DMP and Golbon, set to make its debut in October!

Then it was time for…. THE LIGHTNING ROUND!

INFINITE MIND! 8.8 9.0 9.2 8.2 8.0 – 26.0

WORD WITCH! 8.5 7.8 8.9 7.5 8.0 (but she went 1:29 for a 1 point penalty) – 23.3

PLAYTO! 8.6 8.0 8.7 8.0 7.9 (but he went 1:18 for a .5 penalty) – 24.1

GIRLY-BOY! 8.5 8.2 9.6 7.8 8.4 – 25.1

DALI! 8.5 7.9 9.2 7.8 8.4 – 24.8

After a break (where people had the opportunity to check out the CapSlam team mercy, like the chapbook and BRAND NEW CD!), the team hit the stage for a feature!

They shared some new team stuff… some solo stuff… some old stuff and some new stuff. There was even some surprise stuff.

It was fun.

Then it was back for ROUND THREE!

First out of the hat was the Word Witch! 9.5 8.7 8.8 8.0 8.5 – 26.0

Next up was the star of the slam (getting the highest score EVERY ROUND), Infinite Mind! 9.7 8.8 TEN 8.8 8.9 – 27.4

Next was (ahem) the ‘old guy’, Playto! 9.8 9.0 9.3 8.9 8.2 – 27.2

The penultimate poet of the night was Dali! 9.8 7.8 9.9 7.8 8.8 – 26.4

We wrapped up with Girly-Boy! 8.5 8.9 9.8 9.0 8.0 – 26.4


1. Infinite Mind – 80.9

2. Girly-Boy – 76.9

3. Playto – 76.2

4. Dali – 74.0

5. Word Witch – 73.9

Next up is the kick-off of the new CapSlam season! Sept. 5th we have a special feature / video debut by Lukayo Estrella, aka Festrell!

CPC Summer Slam


August is here and the champ is IN THE HOUSE!

But first, we had a full slate of Open Mic enthusiasts, starting with D-Zaster… who talked about a poem he was trying to write, rather than actually performing a poem. It will be about Killer Croc and it will be epic. Next time. :)

Next up was… Lord Voldemort! Luckily I wasn’t too scared to say her name as she made her poetic performance debut!

Next was Mayhem who covered… wait for… DAVID HASSELHOFF! The HOFF was HERE in the form of Mayhem!

Lastly, a member of the Urban Legends team this year, trying out a new stage name and making their CPC debut, Girly-Boy!

Then it was time for the Slam!

Our ever so unable host and recapped was also the Sac Poet for the evening as Rusty Priske gave a sneak peak at one of the poems he has written as part of the Comic/Poem Fundraising Project. Despite having trouble reading his own writing, he got… 9.0 8.3 8.5 TEN 9.6 – 27.1

The first name out of the hat full of actual slam competitors was a first-timer on our stage, Yasmine! 8.8 8.9 8.7 8.3 TEN – 26.4

Next up was a member of this year’s CapSlam team, DMP! 9.2 9.1 9.1 9.1 9.2 – 27.4

Next was another new voice to hit our stage, Aiko! 8.0 8.5 8.9 8.4 8.2 – 25.1

Next was the CPC Director and member of the CapSlam team, Sarah Ruszala! 9.5 9.5 9.7 TEN TEN – 29.2! Huge Score!

Finally we wrapped with another Urban Legends team member, Playto! 9.1 9.0 9.9 TEN TEN – 29.0!

Then we went straight into the one-minute LIGHTNING ROUND!

First up… Sarah Ruszala! 9.7 8.7 8.5 9.3 8.7 – 26.7

Next was DMP! TEN 8.1 9.5 9.6 9.4 – 28.5

The median poet of Round two was Playto! 9.8 8.6 9.6 9.7 9.6…BUT he went 1:17 for a .5 penalty. 28.4

The penultimate pre-break poet was Yasmine! 8.5 9.2 8.4 9.3 9.0 – 26.7

Lastly we wrapped up with Aiko! 8.5 8.5 9.0 8.7 7.9 – 25.7

Then it was break time… and some interesting shenanigans involving tinfoil… but then it was time for…


Nina is many, many things. A great poet, of course. But in addition she is the youngest ever member of a CapSlam team. She is certainly the youngest CapSlam Champ ever. She is the first woman to win the belt. And more…

And she showed why. She did a moving and wonderful set. The centrepiece was a great new six-minute poem about OCD that was just magic.


Then we finished up with the final slam round.

First up – Yasmine! 8.8 9.5 9.6 8.7 9.4 – 27.7

Then, Aiko! 8.5 8.7 8.9 TEN 8.1 – 26.1

Sarah Ruszala! 9.5 9.7 TEN TEN 9.2 – 29.2!

Playto! 8.8 9.5 9.8 9.0 9.5 – 28.0

Lastly, DMP! TEN 9.8 9.6 9.6 9.7… but he went 3:22 for a 1 point penalty. 28.1


1. Playto – 85.4
2. Sarah Ruszala – 85.1
3. DMP – 84.0
4. Yasmine – 80.8
5. Aiko – 76.9

Next up is the CapSlam / Urban Legends head-to-head slam on August 8th at Pressed Cafe!

Then, on August 15th, the final CPC Summer Slam of the season, featuring the CapSlam team!

Nina Vuleta, Rusty Priske, Billie the King, DMP, Sarah Ruszala!



This edition of the CPC Summer Slam was a little different.

In addition to an amazing feature by the newest member of the 2015 CapSlam Team, Sarah Arrrrr (not her real stage name), we also had a 1-2-3-4 Head-to-head Challenge Slam between the two most veteran members of that same team – Rusty Priske and DMP!

Sarah (better known as Sarah Ruszala) did triple duty as Feature / Host / Sacrificial Poet and then turned things over to the crowd to judge the TWO MINUTE ROUND!!

Rusty was called up first and he did a new piece about… what was it about, anyway?

DMP followed with a slightly sped-up version of his ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’ poem.

The crowd sat in judgement and ruled (through the power of applause) that Daniel was the winner of round one!

Next up was the LIGHTNING ROUND! (Also known as the one-minute round.)

This time DMP went up first and he did a new piece touching in the cyber-nature of people.

Rusty then went all nursery rhyme time with his Itsy-Bitsy Spider poem.

Then to the audience and it was all tied up as Rusty took round two!

Then it was the more traditional three-minute round and a coin flip sent Rusty up first with his poem, ‘Angst’.

DMP followed with his ‘It takes faith to share these lines…’ poem.

This one was really tight and Sarah had to hear from the audience three times before she announced the winner of round three was… Rusty!

Then we got a nice break before coming back to a great set by Sarah Ruszala! Once she found her poems, that is…

Finally, we wrapped up with a Four-Minute Round!

DMP went up first this time and he told us the story of Yosemite Slam! This involved him going out in the audience and, well, threatening them. (All in jest, of course.)

Then Rusty went up and did a poem he wrote for his wife in honour of their anniversary yesterday.

This one seemed pretty clear cut and I think (well, actually I KNOW) both Rusty and Daniel were readying another tree-minute poem as a tiebreaker when this ended 2-2… but the audience had other ideas. Sarah went back to them three times and they decided that Rusty was the winner, taking the event 3-1!

(The final round would have been Rusty’s ‘The Stranger’ poem about walking home late at night behind a young woman who was afraid of him) vs DMP’s ‘Autobiography of a Body’. Who know what would have happened then?!?!?!)


Two weeks from now, on July 18th, we are back for another CPC Summer Slam, featuring Rusty Priske!



As the days get warmer, the poetry gets hotter, and the host gets sweatier.

Wait, scratch that last one. That isn’t so appealing.

The poetry sure was, though!

When DJ RPM magically transformed into Rusty Priske, the host for the show, things were ready to get hopping!

We started things off with the open mic, featuring…. uh, Rusty Priske!

Introducing yourself is so weird.

But then it was time for the slam and we always need a sacrificial poet and tonight that was… Rusty Priske!

(Don’t worry… other poets are coming soon…) 8.8 9.3 6.8 7.7 6.9 and a .5 time penalty for a 22.9

Tough judges! But will they stay consistent? (SPOILER: Pretty much, yeah.)

The first poet out of the magic hat was… D-Zaster! He was doing double duty as slammer and door person. 9.3 7.9 7.4 7.8 7.3 – 23.1

Next up was someone we haven’t seen on our stage in quite some time! Rock Howell! 9.0 7.6 5.9 7.0 6.5 – 21.1

Next was a first-timer slammer I believe (though I have seen her AT our shows before)… Laura! 7.8 7.8 6.9 6.9 6.4 – 21.6

We wrapped up with the new CPC Director, Sarah Ruszala! 9.1 9.8 7.7 8.4 9.5 – 27.0!

No time for love, Dr. Jones! It is time for the ONE-MINUTE LIGHTNING ROUND!!!

Laura! 8.0 7.3 8.5 7.2 6.1 – 22.5

Sarah! 9.2 9.2 7.6 8.2 9.0 – 26.4

Rock! 7.7 8.5 7.8 8.0 7.5 – (1 point time penalty) 22.5

D-Zaster! 8.5 7.9 6.5 8.0 8.0 – 23.9

Finally we had a well deserved break but not for long because we had to come back for out FEATURE PRESENTATION! 2015 CapSlam Team Member DMP!

He gave a feature that was VERY different that the stuff he normally slams with. A lot of epic humour and the full length version of his Yosemite Sam poem was worth the price of admission alone.

As if that weren’t enough, we had another round of poetry!

Laura was first up in the last round. 8.4 8.0 8.2 8.0 7.5 – 24.2

Next came ‘The Natural’ D-Zaster! 9.0 7.8 8.4 8.9 8.1 – 25.4

The Penultimate poet of the night was Rock Howell! 9.1 8.1 6.2 7.5 7.1 (and a .5 time penalty) 22.2

We wrapped thing sup with Sarah Ruszala! 9.1 9.9 9.0 9.5 TEN – 28.5

Final results

1. Sarah Ruszala – 81.9
2. D-Zaster – 72.4
3. Laura – 68.3
4. Rock Howell – 67.3

Next up is July 4th with special feature… King Kimbit!



With the Finals behind us and the team finding their feet, let’s get back to SLAMMING!

The CPC Summer Slam is an opportunity to share slam goodness in an even more casual environment, with members of the CapSlam ten providing the feature entertainment!

Today we had the incomparable BILLIE THE KID!

Jenica was working the door, Dustin was keeping score and Rusty was doing… well, everything else. HOST / DJ / JUDGE FINDER / OPEN MIC / SAC POET / ETC / ETC

He started with Open Micing a poem chosen and random from one of his books and then debuted a new poem as the sac poet. 8.3 8.1 7.8 7.7 7.8 = 23.7

Wow. Tough judges. They stayed like that right the way through, though. Very fair.

We had four poets throwing down for the first CPC Summer Slam of 2015 and the first name out of hat what was…

DMP! 8.7 8.9 8.4 8.1 8.0 – 25.2

Doing double-duty as scorekeeper and slammer… D-Zaster was next! 8.5 8.6 7.8 7.6 7.4 – 23.9

Next up was Nazca – who completely freestyled her poem! Unfortunately, she also ‘freestyles’ the time limit and went 5:01 for a SIX point time penalty. 7.0 6.0 7.5 6.0 6.8 – 13.8

We wrapped up the round with Sarah Ruszala taking the stage! 9.1 9.0 8.3 8.1 7.3 – 25.4

At Capital Slam we follow the first round with a break, but at the CPC Summer Slam we follow it with…. THE LIGHTNING ROUND! All four poets came back with one minute poems!

First up again was DMP! 7.8 9.1 7.6 8.4 8.6 – 24.8

Next was Sarah Ruszala! 8.4 8.8 7.8 7.1 7.5 – 23.7

D-Zaster! 7.0 7.5 7.5 5.9 6.8 – 21.3

Nazca! 8.5 9.0 7.6 8.8 8.6 (1:24 for a 1 point penalty) – 24.9

Only then did we have a break and then we came back for a feature set by 2015 CapSlam team member, Billie the Kid! This was Billie’s first ever solo feature but you wouldn’t know it by the quality of her poetry!

Then we wrapped things up with one more round!

D-Zaster was first up! 7.4 8.0 8.2 7.2 7.9 – 23.3

Sarah Ruszala! 8.5 8.0 8.5 7.5 8.2… but Sarah followed Nazca’s example to do a (kind of) freestyle and also her example by going way over time. She went 4:15 for a 3.5 penalty. 21.2

Nazca! 8.7 8.2 8.2 7.4 8.1 – 24.5

DMP! 9.2 9.1 8.8 9.0 8.5 – 26.9!

And DMP was named the first CPC Summer Slam winner of 2015!

1. DMP – 76.9

2. Sarah Ruszala – 70.3

3. D-Zaster – 68.5

4. Nazca – 63.2 (She could have had second without the time penalties…)

Next up is the Capital Poetry Collective AGM on Monday at 7pm at the Fox & Feather.

The next CPC Summer Slam in on June 20th at the Mercury Lounge and features tonight’s winner… DMP!

Capital Slam FINALS!!!!

After two great semi-finals, we were down to eight poets, fighting for the right to rep CapSlam at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word to be held this fall in Saskatoon!

What a night!

Chuck handled the door… Jenica wrangled some judges… Panos was stopwatch and scoresheet posed… Ruthanne was spinning some fine tunage… and Nathanael was the host with the most!

As he introduced the audience to the wonders of slam finals, he also introduced three important Ottawa poets to drop some great poems to warm up the crowd.

We started with one of the main movers and shakers behind Urban Legends – the other great slam series in O-town – and the 2014 Champion of that great scene… Apollo The Child!

Next up was the 2013 Capital Slam Champion and all around Dancing Flower… Bruce Narbaitz!

We wrapped up with the reigning CapSlam Champ… until tonight when he passed on the belt… Gavin Russell!

Then, the main event… the big show… the poetic throw down…

The time was here as we launched into the slam with…

WAIT! First we need a sacrificial poet!

A runner-up from the CapSlam semi-finals was in the house… D-Zaster was the poet to set the bar! 7.5 7.4 7.8 7.5 7.6 – 22.4

Wooof… tough judges. Would they stay fair or would there be major creep? (Spoiler: the stayed pretty darned fair, actually. There may have been a bit of ROUND creep, but nothing egregious.)

(Second spoiler: and this is coming from the person who would have been creeped the most if there was creep…)

Then Nathanael dipped into the magic hat and the first poet up was… Rusty Priske! 8.0 9.3 9.2 8.4 8.8 – 26.4

If you are going to have one of the CapSlam organizers go first, you might as well have th either one go second…. Brad Morden was next up! 8.0 8.2 8.8 8.5 8.5 – 25.2

The new poetic powerhouse to ply the people was DMP! 7.9 7.8 8.2 8.7 9.0 – 24.8

The first half of the first round finished with Sarah Ruszala! 8.0 7.7 8.5 7.2 6.9 – 22.9

Next up was royalty in the house! King Kimbit! 7.7 8.7 9.2 8.9 8.4 – 26.0

Next was the CapSlam Super-rookie (third slam ever?), Cassie Casey! 8.7 7.1 7.5 6.5 6.9… and she went 3:15 for a small time penalty – 21.0

The first penultimate let of the night was… Billie the Kid! 8.1 8.8 8.9 8.9 8.9 – 26.6!

We wrapped up with Nina Vuleta! 9.3 9.0 8.9 9.4 9.0 – 27.3!!

As we went to break, it looked like the youngest slammer was also the big performer so far! Nina Vuleta led the pack, followed by Billie the Kind and Rusty Priske.

Of course, nothing was settled yet!

Every poet came back for Round two…. and once more unto the hat!!

First up… Billie the Kid! 8.0 8.6 8.8 8.9 8.7 – 26.1

Second out of the hat o’magicness… King Kimbit! 9.2 9.4 8.6 8.5 8.8 – 26.6!

Next up was Cassie Casey! 8.9 8.2 8.7 7.9 8.5 – 25.4

CPC Director, Brad Morden was next! 8.3 8.4 8.5 8.0 7.9 – 24.7

The leader after round one, Nina Vuleta was next! 8.6 8.6 9.2 8.9 8.9 – 26.4

DMP. Boom. 9.5 9.7 9.0 8.1 9.7 – 28.2! Highest score of the night so far (and that would hold UNTIL the last score of the night…)

Slam Master, Rusty Priske was next up. 8.2 9.3 9.5 8.6 8.9 – 26.8

Sarah Ruszala wrapped things up. 8.9 8.3 9.0 8.2 7.9 – 25.4

After two rounds the standings were thus:

1. Nina Vuleta – 53.7
2. Rusty Priske – 53.2
3. DMP – 53.0
4. Billie the Kid – 52.7
5. King Kimbit – 52.6
6. Brad Morden – 49.9
7. Sarah Ruszala – 48.3
8. Cassie Casey – 46.4

The top 5 made the team and went on to another round… was the Championship still up in the air? Rusty was behind Nina by .5 and DMP only .2 behind that…

We would find out how Rusty would fare soon enough, because he was first up in Round three! 9.6 8.8 9.8 8.9 9.2 – 27.7! Second highest score of the night… but would it be enough?

King Kimbit came strong in Round three! 8.9 9.0 9.8 9.2 8.9 – 27.1

Billie the Kid avoided a time penalty, going 3:07! 9.0 8.6 9.7 9.1 8.3 – 26.7

DMP was still swinging for that belt! 8.6 8.4 8.9 8.9 9.0 – 26.4

But Nina Vuleta was not to be denied! 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.3 9.4! – 28.8!! Highest score of the night and the NEW CAPITAL SLAM CHAMPION!!!!

2015 Capital Slam team!

1. Nina Vuleta – 82.5
2. Rusty Priske – 80.9
3. King Kimbit – 79.7
4(TIE). DMP & Billie the Kid – 79.4

Give it up for the team!!

This is the first CapSlam team for everyone except Rusty (who is on his seventh…), though both King Kimbit and DMP have been on Urban Legends teams and Billie the Kid has been on two Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam teams.

Get out and support the CapSlam team wherever possible! The next chance will likely be on June 6th at the CPC Summer Slam! One of th steam with be featuring (to be announced) and we will have a fun 3-1-3 Slam!


As we come to the end of the ELEVENTH season of Capital Slam, it is exciting to hear so many new voices on our stage. Who will make up CapSlam’s eleventh team?

Two weeks ago we saw four poets step up and take their places in the finals. Nina Vuleta, Sarah Ruszala, Rusty Priske and Brad Morden moved on from semi-final #1.

Tonight, we learned the other four names.

Rusty also acted as host tonight as he welcomed an excited crowd, ready to have their minds blown. Chuck was on the door, Panos was on the scoresheet and stop watch, Ruthanne was behind the DJ booth.

We were ready.

But first we had some special invited guests there to drop some poetry! We started with one of the first wave of youth poetry in Ottawa, (way back in 2011) when the Ottawa team won the youth event at CFSW (pre-YouthCanSlam)… CauseMo!

Next we had a member of the 2014 CapSlam team, Candice Bruchhauser!

Then we had a true Urban Legend and all around poetry force, Just Jamaal!

With that to kick off the show, how could it possible get better?

Well, how about easing into things with a sac poem by another 2014 CapSlam team member, Avonlea Fotheringham! She did a poem for her month (who was in attendance), and it was so sweet that it seems a shame to score it.

But hey… that’s what we do. 9.5 8.7 8.8 9.0 9.7 – 27.3

Then it was time for the slam! Rusty asked the poets if they were ready and one poet, sitting in the front row, was heard to say ‘no’. The host joked that she would be drawn first and then he reached into the magic hat and… she was drawn first.

Member of the 2014 London Poetry Slam team, Ceilidhe Miller. 8.5 8.0 8.4 8.8 9.4 – 25.7

Next up was a member of the 2014 Urban Legends and 2014 OYPS teams, D-Zaster. 8.8 9.1 8.3 8.8 8.8 – 26.4

Third was one of two competitors tonight that had previously been a champion in a different CFSW scene… Marilyse who had win that honour out in Lanark County. 9.0 8.9 9.4 9.3 9.8 – Which are GREAT scores, but… she went 3:26 and ended with a 26.7

Next was a member of the 2013 & 2014 OYPS teams, Billie the Kid. 8.8 9.3 8.7 9.1 9.8 – 27.2!

Next was one of the newest voices in the scene, Cassie Casey! 8.9 9.4 9.2 8.8 8.7 – 26.9

The 2012 Urban Legends Champion and a member of the 2014 OYPS team, King Kimbit was next. 9.2 9.3 9.5 9.4 TEN – 28.2!!

Next was another member of the 2014 Urban Legends team, DMP. 9.2 8.6 9.1 8.9 9.8… but when 3:11 to end at 26.7

We wrapped up the first round with some historical poetry by Mayhem! 8.5 8.5 8.4 6.0 8.2 – 25.1

After a ten minute break, we were back for another round! After the first round, the fight for the top 4 spots was INTENSE! We even had a tie for fourth between two poets who h ad received time penalties.

First up in round two was Billie the Kid. 9.3 9.5 9.2 9.0 9.7 – 28.0!

Then came DMP, who was right on the edge of qualifying. 9.5 9.3 9.3 9.3 9.8 – 28.1!! That could do it!

The other person right on the edge followed… Marilyse! 8.9 9.0 9.1 9.0 9.7 – 27.1

Next came a short piece by Mayhem. 8.5 8.8 8.6 8.6 8.6 – 25.7

D-Zaster came strong in round 2! 9.5 9.4 9.5 9.3 8.8 – 28.2

Next up was Cassie Casey! 9.0 9.5 9.3 9.0 9.6 – 27.8

The penultimate poet of the night was Ceilidhe Miller! 9.2 9.4 9.6 9.1 9.7 – 28.2!

Finally, King Kimbit put the bow on the whole show. 9.4 9.6 9.6 8.9 9.9 – 28.6

So, who were the top four?

Look at those scores… look how close this was. Not only did one poet miss by only .1, but another poet dropped from 3rd to 7th based on her time penalty.

1. King Kimbit – 56.8
2. Billie the Kid – 55.2
3. DMP – 54.8
4. Cassie Casey – 54.7
5. D-Zaster – 54.6
6. Ceilidhe Miller – 53.9
7. Marilyse – 53.8
8. Mayhem – 50.8

Finals are at the Mercury Lounge on May 16th. Eight poets will be coming together to find out who will represent CapSlam at CFSW in Saskatoon this fall and who will be named CapSlam Champion!

Those poets will be:

Nina Vuleta
King Kimbit
Sarah Ruszala
Billie the Kid
Rusty Priske
Brad Morden
Cassie Casey

Don’t miss this show.


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