This edition of the CPC Summer Slam was a little different.

In addition to an amazing feature by the newest member of the 2015 CapSlam Team, Sarah Arrrrr (not her real stage name), we also had a 1-2-3-4 Head-to-head Challenge Slam between the two most veteran members of that same team – Rusty Priske and DMP!

Sarah (better known as Sarah Ruszala) did triple duty as Feature / Host / Sacrificial Poet and then turned things over to the crowd to judge the TWO MINUTE ROUND!!

Rusty was called up first and he did a new piece about… what was it about, anyway?

DMP followed with a slightly sped-up version of his ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’ poem.

The crowd sat in judgement and ruled (through the power of applause) that Daniel was the winner of round one!

Next up was the LIGHTNING ROUND! (Also known as the one-minute round.)

This time DMP went up first and he did a new piece touching in the cyber-nature of people.

Rusty then went all nursery rhyme time with his Itsy-Bitsy Spider poem.

Then to the audience and it was all tied up as Rusty took round two!

Then it was the more traditional three-minute round and a coin flip sent Rusty up first with his poem, ‘Angst’.

DMP followed with his ‘It takes faith to share these lines…’ poem.

This one was really tight and Sarah had to hear from the audience three times before she announced the winner of round three was… Rusty!

Then we got a nice break before coming back to a great set by Sarah Ruszala! Once she found her poems, that is…

Finally, we wrapped up with a Four-Minute Round!

DMP went up first this time and he told us the story of Yosemite Slam! This involved him going out in the audience and, well, threatening them. (All in jest, of course.)

Then Rusty went up and did a poem he wrote for his wife in honour of their anniversary yesterday.

This one seemed pretty clear cut and I think (well, actually I KNOW) both Rusty and Daniel were readying another tree-minute poem as a tiebreaker when this ended 2-2… but the audience had other ideas. Sarah went back to them three times and they decided that Rusty was the winner, taking the event 3-1!

(The final round would have been Rusty’s ‘The Stranger’ poem about walking home late at night behind a young woman who was afraid of him) vs DMP’s ‘Autobiography of a Body’. Who know what would have happened then?!?!?!)


Two weeks from now, on July 18th, we are back for another CPC Summer Slam, featuring Rusty Priske!


2 thoughts on “CPC SUMMER SLAM #3

  1. Katie says:

    Hey! Just a question – is there anywhere we can find the slam dates ahead of time? Love these posts but am always sad to realized I missed another slam! Ever consider creating a quick post announcing the next slam?

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