CapSlamReCap – January #2!


Back at the Mercury Lounge and we were ready for a big show! A short group of dedicated slammers, including a visiting poet all the way from New York were ready to slam and enjoy the potty of the poet that Mighty Mike McGee called… Roman Numeral Five!

That’s right… V was in the house!

Anoshia was working the door… DJ RPM was spinning some tunes… Panos had his stopwatch at the ready… and TWO-TIME National Champion, Brandon Wint was hosting!

As always, first came the Open Mic and what is a CapSlam Open Mic without a little musical number. Tonight it was The Artist singing a little Eric Clapton. She was followed by Ocean with a great poem!

Then it was slam time!

To kick a slam off right we needed a little sacrificial blood and super-host Brandon Wint provided it! That is, he took the sacrificial blood and… put it in a poem. 8.6 8.9 7.8 8.8 6.7 – 25.2

Harsh judges! Would they stay that tough? (Spoiler: Kind of…)

Then Brandon dipped into his magical hat and pulled out… Playto! 7.6 8.0 8.6 8.8 8.5 – 25.1

Next came a regular fixture on the CapSlam stage… Nina Vuleta! 7.9 8.8 8.0 8.3 7.5 – 24.2

He better to go third than one with a three letter name… DMP! 9.3 8.2 8.0 9.0 9.2 – 26.4 Setting the standard!

Next was a poet visiting all the way from New York – Carol Brown! 8.2 8.4 8.8 8.3 8.2 – 24.9

The final poet of the first round was Rusty Priske! 8.5 8.9 8.8 8.9 8.5 – 26.2

After a short break, our feature hit the stage… V!!

V has a brand new CD out and she performed a number of poems from it… and what a treat to have V back on our stage! You have been away too long, V!

But, as always, we must get back to the slam! How else would we know who would take home the symbolic honours?

First up in round two was first up in round one… Playto! 8.6 7.4 8.0 8.5 8.1 – 24.6

Next was Rusty Priske! 8.8 8.8 8.5 8.7 8.9 – 26.3 (consistent!)

Third up was Carol Brown! Going over 4:10 and getting a 3.5 time penalty! 9.1 8.5 8.6 8.2 9.0 – 22.6

The penultimate poet of the evening was DMP! 8.4 7.9 8.0 8.8 8.7 – 25.1

We wrapped things up with Nina Vuleta! 8.2 8.6 8.0 8.4 8.9 – 25.2

Final standings:

1. Rusty Priske – 52.5
2. DMP – 51.5
3. Playto – 49.7
4. Nina Vuleta – 49.4
5. Carol Brown – 47.5

February is a big month for the CPC…

Feb. 7th – Capital Slam at the Mercury Lounge!
Feb. 13th – the Love Slam co-presented with the City of Ottawa at the Nepean Museum!
Feb. 21st – Capital Slam at the Mercury Lounge!
Feb. 28th – the CPC CIPS Qualifier!



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