CapSlam Back at the Merc! Feat. Dia Davina!

The CapSlam season is rolling along!

Our last slam saw a big win by Sir Realist… his second of the season! Is he making a move towards the 2015 Championship?

DMP still tops the rankings and the competition is getting fierce!

Do you know what else? We have an amazing feature coming up! Check out Dia Davina!

Dia Davina is a wide-eyed, dancey-footed fledgling of a poet. A queer, genderqueer, feminist, consent-activist, Dia is known for their raw, honest poetry that is equal parts art and social activism. Dia is consistently a finalist for various poetry competitions, nationally and within BC. They recently won fourth place in the 2014 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championship. They have been a feature performer at various festivals, including ArtsWells, South Country Fair and Tiny Lights and have performed at various venues and events throughout BC and Ontario. Dia is also a workshop facilitator working in youth-driven, community-based arts programming, which combines their love of poetry, art, anti-oppression initiatives and supporting safer spaces for queer, genderqueer and trans* folks. Dia loves intersectionality and bow ties (equally, but differently). As a white settler, Dia currently resides on Unceded Coast Salish Territories, also known as Vancouver, BC.

And how is THIS for an endorsement?

“Dia Davina is a poet who is able to stare in to the dark corners of our hearts and find the light. Dia can make us squirm with their words in the best ways possible and then offer release with a tear or a laugh. Plus they’re just a lot of fun to watch on stage!” -RC Weslowski, 2012 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Champion, 2 time World Cup of Poetry Slam Finalist

Thanks as always to the City of Ottawa for helping to make this possible!

Doors and sign-up are at 6:30. $8 and free for performers. All ages welcome.



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