The CapSlam Team Needs YOUR Help!

The CapSlam team has been working hard, getting to ready to represent Ottawa and the CPC Community at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Victoria this fall.

The thing is, it costs a whole lot to get the team out there… plane tickets and hotel rooms aren’t cheap, yo.

So, how can you help? Well, there are two great ways to can help out right now, while getting something excellent for your money!

One of those ways is to go to the CPC Summer Slam this Saturday at the Mercury Lounge. You will get to see a great 3-1-3 Slam as well as an amazing feature by CapSlam Team Member, Artemysia!

Another way is to stroll over to BandCamp where you can download a 10-track album by the CapSlam 2014 team! It is strictly a pay what you can affair so download and enjoy, and help us out in whatever way you can!!

Thanks for the 2014 CapSlam Team!



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