Capital Slam Finalist Spotlight: Rusty Priske


Rusty Priske is the vet of the crop of finalists this year. He has been a member of five CapSlam teams, including the National Championship 2009 team, which evolved into The Recipe (which he was a member of for a time). Last year a poem that was conceived by Rusty, written by Gavin Russell and performed by the CapSlam team, was selected to be staged on the CFSW Finals stage (“Puppets’).

Rusty is also a member of the critically acclaimed group, Copper Conundrum as well as being the Spoken Word Canada National Slam Master, the Capital Slam Slam Master, and the founder of the VERSEeOttawa Hall of Honour.

Yeah… he keeps busy.

The 10th Capital Slam Finals take place on May 24th at the Alumni Auditorium at the University of Ottawa. Doors at 6:30. $10 at the door.


One thought on “Capital Slam Finalist Spotlight: Rusty Priske

  1. Rusty you leave your mark on our scene. Thank you for your work, energy, enthusiasm and craft!

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