Next show: DMP at the Penulti-Slam!

Can you believe the regular season is nearly over?

Can you?!

Last weekend we had one of the biggest shows of the year as 12 of the top poets in the city fought it out for the chance to rep CapSlam at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championships….

Sir Realist won that one after four hard-fought rounds, but we still have a team to form to send to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word!

There are only two more slams for poets to try to qualify for the prestigious CapSlam Post-Season!

The penultimate reg season slam comes this Saturday, March 1st.

The show is going to be INTENSE!

Add to that, our very special feature… the prodigal poet… DMP!

DMP has been entertaining Ottawa audiences since his arrival from Vancouver, whether writing on the stage, sprinting across the room, or tearing out his heart…

We do have a priority list for the slams in March. Poets who have slammed exactly twice and need to get that third performance in to have a chance to qualify for the post-season are the ones. Those names are:

Ali Bumaye
Candice Bruchhaeuser
Sir Realist
Alex McDonnell
Joesph Sic
Shaun Sullivan
Loose Change

Thanks to the City of Ottawa, as always, for their help in bringing great features like DMP to the stage…

Mercury Lounge… Doors and sign-up at 6:30…

12 slam spots… 4 open mic spots…

$8 and free for performers.

See you at the Merc!


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