Next CapSlam – Britta B!

With a big slam win for Abby Kassirer, 2014 is off to a great start! So what is next?

With the Capital Poetry Collective continuing to expand, with the New Shirt Slam joining the Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam and Words To Live By, CapSlam continues to be the biggest jewel on the crown as poets jockey for spots on the CapSlam 2014 team!

Who will take the next big step?…

Who will show that they are EVEN BETTER than you already thought?

Heck, who will share the words that will change lives, if even only their own?

On Jan. 18th we get the next chapter in the on-going saga that is… Capital Slam.

Not only will we have an incredible slam, we will also have a fantabulous feature… BRITTA B!!

Britta “Britta B.” Badour has traveled across North America as a keynote motivational speaker, poet and workshop facilitator. She represented Toronto at this year’s Women of the World Poetry Slam in Minneapolis. She has opened for HBO Def Poetry superstars Carlos Andrés Gómez and Shihan. Last year, Britta was a featured guest in Dwayne Morgan’s production of When Sisters Speak. She’s been featured across Canada, NYC, Detroit and plans to showcase in LA this winter. Most recently, Britta was crowned champion at the 2013 Toronto International Poetry Slam.

Remember, during JANUARY we have a priority sign-up for anyone who has not yet slammed at CapSlam this season. Been thinking go showing us what you’ve got and spreading your hearts and mind across the stage? Now is the time!

Mercury Lounge. All ages welcome. $8 and free for performers. Doors and sign-up at 6:30.

See you at the Merc!


2 thoughts on “Next CapSlam – Britta B!

  1. Sammy Netz says:

    Hey, whats the address for this place.

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