Poets: CIPS Qualifier Announcement!

All right poets, here is the announcement you may not have realized you were waiting for!

Once again this year, CapSlam will have a representative at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championships in Vancouver. Two of the past three years the event was won by someone hailing from our neck of the woods – OpenSecret, and the first year he was our official rep, so there is a lot on the line!

The qualifier will be either on the 22nd or 15th of February (we are awaking confirmation of venue), but what you need to know now is how to qualify!

We will be inviting the top 12 poets of the season, based on their SINGLE best night at CapSlam to compete in the CIPS Qualifier. The Qualifier will include four rounds (with cuts after each round) of 3 minute poems, 1 minute poems, 2 minute poems and 4 minute poems.

The invitation list will go out after the second slam in December (the 21st) so if you have not slammed yet or need to pull your score up, you have two more chances!

If the invites were to go out today, here would be who was invited…. so if you aren’t on here, or are low on the list, you need to step it up! Who is going to rep CapSlam in Van?

1. PrufRock
2. Rusty Priske
3. P-Rime
4. Billie the Kid
5. Kay’la Fraser
6. Abby Kassirer
7. Gavin Russell
8. Marz
9. Brad Morden
10. Sarah Ruszala
11. Alex McDonnell
12. Covered in Wednesday


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