Next CapSlam – Nov. 16th – SPECIAL TIME



How does one recover from the amazingness that is CFSW?


Capital Slam is coming off its biggest show of the year SO FAR as Isaac Bond rocked our stage and PrufRock became the first two-time winner of the season!

Who will step up this time? Will it be the poet currently is second place… Rusty Priske? Will it be the top two-time poet… Abby Kassirer? The top one-time poet… Gavin Russell?

Or will it be an out-of-nowhere, newcomer or returning vet?

One thing we know for sure, the feature will be AMAZING!!!

TANYA EVANSON!!! This is a BIG DEAL people!!!

Bio – Tanya Evanson is a poet, performer, arts organizer and educator.

Born and currently based in Montreal, Quebec, her spoken word poetry and workshops have been featured at events and festivals across Canada since 1995. She has published six poetry chapbooks, three studio albums of spoken wor.l.d music, most recently Language for Gods (Mother Tongue Media 2012) and is co-creator of the award-winning videopoem Almost Forgot My Bones (2004). Her work has been featured in international documentaries, music recordings, TV, radio, film and print, of late The Great Black North – Contemporary African Canadian Poetry (Frontenac 2013).

As Mother Tongue Media since 2000, she produces arts events that bridge disciplines and cultures. Currently, she directs ANU conceptual group art performances (2010-) and The Banff Centre Spoken Word Program (2012-).

A whirling dervish and student of sufism since 2002, Tawhida Tanya Evanson has performed and taught across Europe, Turkey, Japan, Canada and the U.S. as part of the Vancouver Rumi Society and music groups Mercan Dede (Turkey) and Niyaz (Iran-Canada). She parts not one truth from another.


This slam is at a SPECIAL TIME!!!!

The doors and sign-up are at 4:30… early, yes, but that also means the show is done by 8 and you can still have many other Saturday Night adventures!

Have you been feeling like you are missing out on poetry in the late afternoon? Now you can change that!!!

$8 and free for performers.

BIG THANKS to the CITY OF OTTAWA for making it possible for us to book such amazing features as Tanya Evanson! It wouldn’t be possible with out their support!

See you at the Merc!


4 thoughts on “Next CapSlam – Nov. 16th – SPECIAL TIME

  1. Amanda says:

    Just to clarify, is the slam on Thursday November 14th?

  2. Finlay says:

    Is it really Nov 14th? That’s a Thursday, are you sure it’s not Saturday the 16th? The post text does say Saturday…

  3. Kelly says:

    Is this happening Thursday November 14 at 430?

  4. rpriske says:

    The show is on the 16th. THe date was a typo. We are always on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

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