Capital Slam feat. Isaac Bond! Nov. 2nd!

This season has been CRAZY! Every slam gives us a different winner… who will rise up this time?

The top 4 in the rankings include a current CapSlam team member, a current UL team member, the reigning OYPS Champ and a BRAND NEW FACE on the scene!

Now we are on the brink of CFSW and the National Slam Championships, so who will show up at Capital Slam to try and get one last chance to practice?…

One thing we know for sure is that Saskatoon poetry superstar Isaac Bond will be there for a feature set!

check it:

“Isaac Bond has been performing hip hop and spoken word for about 12 years. In 2013, he founded Write Out Loud, which hosts all ages spoken word shows in Saskatoon and provides professional opportunities for artists to do workshops in the community. He has taken part in four national spoken word festivals, performing on the finals stages at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2012 and Verses 2013 (Canadian Individual Poetry Slam). Isaac likens his poetry to the euphonic swish of basketball mesh soloing over cacophonous expressions of humanity. He learns from every poet he hears, and is humbled by all the fresh voices he discovers when he travels to share his work.”

Thanks as always to the City of Ottawa for your support to make such features possible!

Doors and sign-up are at 6:30. $8 and free for performers. All ages welcome.



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