Summer is over!


Which means the new season of Capital Slam is here!


Are you ready to take the first step towards immortality (or at least the 2014 CapSlam team)?

Are you ready to watch and hear people create poetic whirlwinds?

PrufRock was our ‘summer-star’ – will he carry that over to the new season?

Will 2013 champ, Bruce Narbaitz bust out some poetic power?

One thing we DO know is that Cathy Petch will be in the house as our special feature!

Cathy Petch is a playwright, spoken word artist, performer, musician and lighting designer. She hosts the Plasticine Poetry Series. Petch’s work can be found online and in print. She has several chapbooks and her most recent book “Late Night Knife Fights was published by Lyricalmyrical press. She is a member of both the 2011 and 2012 Toronto Poetry Slam Teams and finished 5th in Canada at this year’s individual poetry slam competition. She went to sleep, woke up, then won the Haiku Deathmatch. Petch is happiest onstage.


And yeah… she is awesome.

BIG THANKS to the City of Ottawa for their continued support that allows us to bring MEGA-SUPER-STARS like Cathy Petch to town!

Since this is a new season, the sign-up list is starting fresh so GET DOWN TO THE MERC!

Sign up and doors are at 6:30. First-come, first-signed-up…

$8 and free for performers

Come and witness history.


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