CPC Summer Slam #4


Is it August already?

The summer is flying by! That means it was another edition of the CPC Summer Slam!

As is usual during the summer, DJ RPM provided the music while this time we had the CPC Director, Brad Morden as host!

Brad also kicked off the open mic by sharing one of his poems… always a treat! We also had a personal piece by Dan Marciano to get the crowd in the mood for more!

Our sac poet was also the scorekeeper… Panos! 6.0/8.0/8.0/8.9/9.2 – 24.9

(I think that low ball judge had some adjusting to do… would it cost the early names out of the hat?)

The first name out of the hat… for the third consecutive time… was Mia Morgan! 7.5/8.9/9.2/9.3/9.6 – 27.4

That lowball judge was still there… but 27.4 is a pretty score when drawing the bullet!

Next up was a newcomer to the CapSlam stage – Mayhem… with a little help from Prince. Okay… a LOT of help from Prince. 6.0/6.6/7.9/8.2/9.1 – 22.7

One of our new regulars was next up – Golbon! 8.0/8.9/9.3/9.4/9.4 – 27.6

She set the bar… for one whole poet, because next up was…

PrufRock Shadowrunner! 8.0/9.1/9.4/9.4/9.7 – 27.9

We had a new name on stage – Brainstorm – but not a new face, as Chris Fash has become a regular at CapSlam. 7.0/7.3/8.7/8.8/9.4 – 24.8

Next was D-Zaster! 8.7/8.9/9.1/9.2/9.6 – 27.2

Rusty Priske came out from behind the DJ booth next, stumbled a little, but the piece held up. 8.8/8.8/9.0/9.3/9.5 – 27.1

Our second newcomer of the night – Mars was next! There was quite a split amongst the judges on this one! 7.7/7.9/8.5/9.1/9.2 – 25.5

Star-in-the-making, Abby Kassirer, was next to hit the stage. 8.7/8.9/9.0/9.5/9.6 – 27.4

The third of the trio of new faces was next – Reina Fire. 8.3/8.6/8.9/9.0/9.2 – 26.0… after a small time penalty.

The final poet of the first round was open mic regular, Vessel! 8.8/9.0/9.1/9.1/9.4 – 27.2

Only 8 went on to the second round and after a short break we found out who they were… IN THE LIGHTNING ROUND!

Poets only had 1 minute to wow the audience (and judges). Who would be first into this gauntlet?

D-Zaster! 8.1/9.0/9.0/9.2/9.7 – 27.2 again… talk about consistent! That gave him a 54.4

Next was Golbon. 8.2/8.2/8.6/8.7/9.0 – 25.5, for a total of 53.1

Abby Kassirer was back to avenge their stumble in a previous lightning round… and they nailed it! 8.7/9.3/9.3/9.4/9.6 – 28.0 for a total of 55.4

Vessel hit the stage again with some fire and hip-hop! 8.5/8.7/8.8/9.0/9.0 – 26.5 for a 53.7

PrufRock, in a quest to become the first two-time Summer Slam winner for 2013, was up next. 9.0/9.1/9.3/9.4/9.4 – 27.8 for a 55.7

Next was Rusty Priske. He claims the one-minute round is his Achilles heel… but not today! 8.9/9.2/9.4/9.5/9.6 – 28.1, the top mark in the round! For a total of 55.2

Mia Morgan (finally not being drawn first) – 8.4/9.0/9.0/9.4/9.8 – 27.4, matching her first round score. A total of 54.8

Reina Fire was the last poet in the second round. 8.3/8.3/8.8/9.1/9.2 – 26.2 – for a 52.2

Then we went on to Round three! Only four poets were left… who would be the newest Summer Slam Champion?

First up… Mia Morgan, of course! 8.0/9.2/9.4/9.6/9.8 – a solid 28.2!

Next was Rusty Priske… 9.4/9.6/9.8/9.8/9.8 – 29.2! This was the highest score of the night… would it be enough to catch PrufRock?

Well, not if he scored the same thing! 9.3/9.7/9.7/9.8/9.9 – 29.2!

Lastly we had Abby Kassirer… 9.3/9.3/9.5/9.6/9.7 – 28.4!

Final results…

1. PrufRock Shadowrunner – 84.9
2. Rusty Priske – 84.4
3. Abby Kassirer – 83.8
4. Mia Morgan – 83.0
5. D-Zaster – 54.4
6. Vessel – 53.7
7. Golbon – 53.1
8. Reina Fire – 52.2
9. Mars – 25.5
10. Brainstorm – 24.8
11. Mayhem – 22.7

Next up… the CapSlam Team Fundraiser at Pressed Cafe on August 14th! Don’t miss it!


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