The summer is traditionally a slower time for the Capital Poetry Collective – the hot weather… the post-Finals lull, etc… and while the crowd was considerably lower than a normal CapSlam, the poets were not! It was a full list and that list was HOT HOT HOT!

Of the 12 poets in the slam, four will be representing Ottawa at CFSW this year while three more were season finalists! We had a member of the Ottawa Youth team on the open mic and a finalist for the YouthCanSlam Wild Card team in the slam!


The weather wasn’t the only thing that was HOT!

CapSlam team member V was doing the hosting duties while DJ RPM was spinning some tunes…

The open mic was pretty hot with CPC Scene Staple Avenue kicking things off, followed by OYPS team member, Emma Blanche, visiting Vancouverite Butler Michaels and the scorekeeper for the night, Panos!

Then came the slam!

With a big slam like this, how can we not have a big Sac? How about CPC founder, reigning CFSW Championship team member and all-around scene supporter, Greg ‘Ritallin’ Frankson? He got a solid 27.0 which set the bar pretty high to open the show… luckily the poets for up to the challenge!

First out of the hat was Urban Legends finalist ArRay-of-WoRds! His poem was sick…(but not Sic… that had to wait). 26.9

Next was another Urban Legends finalist, D-Zaster! It would not be the last angry poem we heard this night! 25.4

CapSlam rookie Chris Fash was next up! With a booming baritone voice filling the room, Chris dropped the goods on a night at a dive bar! (Clearly NOT the Mercury Lounge…) 26.6

Time to crank that bar up a notch or ten…. PrufRock was in the house! Pruf will be repping U.L. at CFSW this fall and he showed why, nailing a big 28.8!

Pruf was followed by another CapSlam rookie, Taylor! Taylor had some problems with her contact lens which led to an epic time penalty, but the words are what counts and here is hoping we hear more of Taylor’s words on the CPC stage soon!

Next was CapSlam team member Rusty Priske. Speaking of angry… BIG! 28.5!

Rusty was followed by Joesph Sic (who swore audibly when his name was called….) Sic dropped some heavy brain matter poetry and was rewarded with a 26.9… and maybe a few befuddled faces…

The newest sensation on the Ottawa scene has been Abby Kassirer… but they had yet to actually slam! That changed tonight and while they stumbled a bit over the memorization of their poems, we soon discovered that they were no one-poem wonder! 27.3

Golbon, a newcomer to the Ottawa scene after migrating from Toronto scored well enough to advance but a big 2 point penalty on time dropped her to 25.8

The second UL team member to hit the stage was Ali Bumaye! he came with some heavy, beautiful words but a few too many of them as he also picked up a 1 point penalty, leaving him a still solid 27.0

UL Finalist DMP was next and anyone who was at the finals knows what he was bringing! Boom. 28.5

The first round was capped by the third U.L. team member of the night, Sir Realist! He came around the cornor from Mordor and nailed a 28.4

After a short break it was time for THE LIGHTNING ROUND!

As Va entertained us with info about what happened during each 1-minute poem (how many texts were sent?) the top 8 poets from Round 1 came up to spit some lighting fast verses.

And in the spirit of the round, here were the scores…

Ali Bumaye – 28.4

Joesph Sic – 27.3

Rusty Priske – 27.8

Sir Realist – 28.7

ArRay-of-WoRds – 27.6

Abby Kassirer – 25.7 (after a 1.5 time penalty)

DMP – 27.1

PrufRock – 28.4

The final round was back to 3 minute poems but only the top 4 poets from the first two rounds moved on.

The round kicked off with Sir Realist bringing us some Good News which garnered him the highest score thus far… 29.0

Next was Rusty Priske who shared some Angst and… wow. The judges value some real talk… 29.7

Next up was DMP, dropping what was likely his last poem in Ottawa for a little while as he is heading back to Van-City… for now. 28.0

The show was topped off by PrufRock telling us all about Wendy. 29.2

So, how did it shake out? Who took the second CPC Summer Slam of 2013 (and with it a nice little $100 take home…)


But, wow, it was close!

1. PrufRock – 86.4
2. Sir Realist – 86.1
3. Rusty Priske – 86.0
4. DMP – 83.6
5. Ali Bumaye – 55.4
6. ArRay-of-WoRds – 54.5
7. Joesph Sic – 54.2
8. Abby Kassirer – 53.0
9. Chris Fash – 26.6
10. Golbon – 25.8
11. D-Zaster – 25.4
12. Taylor – 19.2

In two weeks we are back with another CPC Summer Slam! Mark your calendar for July 20th!

And don’t forget to pick up your copy of CapSlam Dance Party 2013 and support the Capital Slam team heading to CFSW in Montreal!


One thought on “CPC SUMMER SLAM#2

  1. […] EDIT: I performed this piece at CPC Summer Slam this past weekend. The judges didn’t love it, but the other poets seemed to, and Sir Realist (a local poet I admire) said he got the jokes, so it was a success as far as I’m concerned. You can read about that on their blog. […]

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