Welcome Home, Ikenna!

Last night at Capital Slam, the stars were out as we welcomed home the 2013 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Champion, OpenSecret.

It was a fun night, with Panos handling hosting duties for the first time.

We decided to welcome the slam champ with a slam, but first we had our host read a poem. Panos just keeps getting better and better! We just have to convince him to slam more!

All four of the CapSlam Finalists (so far) were represented on stage before the night was through. The first was Rusty Priske, as DJ RPM, spinning the tunes.

Next was our sacrificial poet… V!

Then, into the slam! There were seven slammers, but the firepower on stage was liking having sex while camping!

First up was PrufRock who set the bar high with a 28.3.

DMP came up next. He read a poem and while that will affect scores, it didn’t change the power of his words. 27.4

CPC Volunteer Co-ordinator (and participant in next week’s semi-finals) Kay’la Fraser was next. She slid that bar just a little higher. 28.8

Dan Marciano was next on stage and read some dope poetry. He wasn’t rewarded numerically, but I think the poets were feeling it! 25.3

ArRay-of-WoRds did his thing…have a few stumbles through an old classic, but recovered with style. 26.6

Gavin Russell (pulling double-duty tonight as scorekeeper) handed off the stop watch and hit a 27.2

D-Lightfull… the third CapSlam Finalist on stage… came hard, topping the field with a 29.6

After the first round we brought up an open micer who had missed that segment… because why not? We had time and this night was all in fun. It was SK sharing some words of wisdom he wrote on the bus.

Then came OpenSecret. Rusty introduced him and talked about his amazing history with Capital Slam, from the first time he stepped on the Mercury Lounge stage in the Fall of 2007. Since then he has been on 3 CapSlam teams, including 2 National Championship teams, and won the CIPS title twice.

Tonight, everyone got to see why. What power and talent. Woooo!!

Ikenna also brought up some people to perform some his favourite pieces from the Ottawa contingent to CIPS. I believe none of them have been done here before… Nathanael Larochette talking about what heavy metal means to him… V with a moving poem for her father… and PrufRock with his ode to paramedics. All were amazing.

Then back to the slam!

We started with another sac poet, the fourth CapSlam Finalists, Kimbit!

First out of the hat for round 2 was Dan Marciano. For actual competitive slam, this was a disaster… but for entertaining poetry and repartee, this was a solid TEN! Dan chatted through an intro, had a prop violation, went 4:37. He scored a 26.1, but after the time it was a 21.6. Slam Master Rusty was on hand and he waved off the prop violation because… who cares really? This slam was all in fun and it wouldn’t affect the outcome.

Next was PrufRock who came hard and got a huge 28.3

Gavin Russell shared his thoughts on music and mma, got two TENS and a 29.2!

D-Lightfull, brought her solid lead to the second round and slam dunked it, getting two TENS of her own and 29.3.

ArRay-of-WoRds did his poe for his grandfather and one of the judges gave him a TEN for his call out to family. 27.4

DMP gave us the most energetic poem that involved him sprinting up the Mercury Lounge stairs and finishing his poem in full bellow from the balcony. You had to be there. 27.7

Kay’la Fraser rounded off the night with a moving piece for her daughter and two more TENS. 29.0

Final scores

1. D-Lightfull – 58.9
2. Kay’la Fraser – 57.8
3. PrufRock – 56.6
4. Gavin Russell – 56.4
5. DMP – 55.1
6. ArRay-of-WoRds – 54.0
7. Dan Marciano – 46.9

Next up is the second Capital Slam semi-Finals! May 4th! Mercury Lounge! $10! Doors at 6:30!

Here are the four finalists so far:

Rusty Priske

And four more will be joining them out of this worthy list of 8 superstar poets!

Gavin Russell
Candice Bruchhaeuser
Bruce Narbaitz
Kay’la Fraser
Ali Islam
Brad Morden

Don’t miss it! See you at the Merc!


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