Holy crap.

What an AMAZING show. I’m not going to lie… it was just plain awesome.

Until then end, when Rusty screwed it all up.

We’ll get to that.

The show got off to a good start. Bruce Narbaitz was the host and for a first timer who came across like a seasoned pro! Well done!

With PrufRock out of town, it was the newly named DJ RPM throwing down the tunes. (That’s Rusty, by the way. Rusty Priske’s Music. And RPM, because that is just awesome. Thanks Panos. Hey, didn’t Panos also name DJ Red Vintage? Is that going to be Panos’ new gig – travelling town to town, handing out DJ names like a musically inclined Johnny Appleseed?) (Editor’s note – Ruthanne says it was Nate who named her. Oh well. Sorry Panos.)

The open mic was a mix of new and ‘old favourites’ (can you call last year’s youth champ old?)

First was Michelle (who was also a judge), then John Williams (who was also also a judge). Both Michelle and John were newcomers to our stage. They should both KEEP COMING OUT!

Then were MC The Poet (formerly known as Cannon 2x) and Gavin Russell!

The sacrificial poet for the evening was 2011 CapSlam team member, Sean O’Gorman. He set the bar with a 26.0

Than came the slam!

First our of the hat was Shaun Sullivan. It is a tough spot to be in, but as far as score creep goes, the judges were pretty fair! 27.8

Next was ArRay-of-WoRds who stepped on the proverbial land mine, started over, switched poems… and still came in under 3 minutes. 22.1

Sense-Say, getting that ever-important third slam of the season in, snuck ahead of Sully, netting a 27.9

Dovi came up next, and got the first of two time penalties on the night. He went 3:34 so after a 1.5 penalty he ended with 23.5

Vince Kang was up next and got a very fluffy 27.1!

D-Lightfull saw that the bar was Sense-Say and she ratcheted it up… just a little. 28.0

Ali Islam, one of the rookie of the year contenders, got a 27.0

DMP got the other time penalty on the night, going 3:39 and also getting a 1.5 penalty and ending with 24.8

Missaralee, another rookie of the year candidate, hit with a 27.2

Kashkin, formerly known as Julien, made his second CapSlam appearance and got a 26.8

CapSlam fave Mia Morgan (and feature at the next Words To Live By) was right in the mix with a 27.1

Shahdin rounded out the first half of the show with a 25.8

Than came the feature. Hyfidelik is one of Ottawa’s most interesting performers. He is an amazing poet, rapper, philosopher, numerologist, botanist, what have you. He was entertaining and fun. His final number turned the crowd into his back-up rappers and it was a really great moment.


Then came the second round. We normally have five poets in the 2nd, but due to a tie for 5th, we had six. More poetry!

First up in the second round was Mia Morgan. THe judges were in incredible agreement. She got 3 8.8s and 2 8.9s… and a 26.5

Next was D-Lightfull who came hard and strong and got a 28.8… the highest score of the night… so far.

Vince Kang was right on her heels with a 28.7

Sean Sullivan said, “Highest? You haven’t seen me yet!” and raised that bar to a 28.9!

Missaralee got a nice 27.8 but then Sense-Say saw Sully’s raise, and re-raised to 29.0!

(Of note, there was not a single 10 on the night. Fairly rare for a CapSlam!)

Final results:

1. Sense-Say – 56.9
2. D-Lightfull – 56.8
3. Shaun Sullivan – 56.7
4. Vince Kang – 55.8
5. Missaralee – 55.0
6. Mia Morgan – 53.6
7. Ali Islam – 27.0
8. Kashkin – 26.8
9. Shahdin – 25.8
10. DMP – 24.8
11. Dovi – 23.5
12. ArRay-of-WoRds – 22.1

Then Rusty came up and read the semi-finalists for the season…

…and got them all wrong. The shows were wrong. He announced two poets getting in who didn’t, which of course left two out who did.

What happened is that I (yes… it is me) made a mistake on one of the three sorts I did to get the results. This is why I always double-check them, but I was trying to do it in a hurry so I could announce it… and botched it all up.


Here are the REAL semi-finalists (pending acceptance of certain poets… for example, Loh El won a spot but declined it. His spot was filled by the next runner-up.)






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