CapSlamReCap PENULTIMATE Edition

Another CapSlam night and this one was a special one… both due to our amazing ‘out-of-the-box’ feature AND the number of poets who were clamouring for those ever-valuable semi-final spots!

We kicked it off with the open mic… starting with uber-volunteer, Ben, who rocked out with a song that included V (the host for the evening) dancing on stage and the CapSlam audience providing musical accompaniment.

Then we went to poetry from Maddy and then Sarah Ruszala read a story she had written! (A storytelling feature providing inspiration?)

On to the slam… but first we needed blood! We needed a sac poet to set the bar and who stepped up but a former National Individual Champ and two-time National Team Champ, OpenSecret!

After getting a great poet like that, who would get the unenviable task of drawing the bullet and having to go up first?

Mia Morgan!

The judges were hard on Mia (in fact, the judges were fairly tough – by Ottawa standards – all night), giving her a 25.4

Next up was Kimbit who BARELY missed a time penalty (which would have cost her the second round) and got a strong 27.3

Roots & Rhythm, fresh of a nice performance at the UL slam at VERSeFest, made her second appearance at CapSlam this season and scored a 26.5

Our ever-awesome DJ, PrufRock matched the top score thus far, 27.3

Next was Shaun Sullivan, fighting to hold onto his semis spot… he got a 25.9

Actually, fighting for those spots was a them on the night as Vince Kang was up next. He came in strong and got a 27.1

CPC Director, Brad Morden was next on the mic and he kicked the ‘bar’ up a notch, scoring a very solid 28.2

Not satisfied with that ‘bar’, D-Lightfull cranked it up a bit higher, to 28.8

CapSlam SlamMaster, Rusty Priske announced his retirement (again). Nobody as buying it, not the least of which were the judges. 26.1

Candice Bruchhaeuser mesmerized the crowd. They may have been stunned but the judges had the wherewithal to give her the top scores of the round… 29.0!

DMP rounded out the first half of the show with a 26.8 (and a craving for cheese…)

Ruthanne Edward brought a different kind of spoken word for the feature, as she used her time to tell the story of her trip to Oklahoma City, and the profound effect it had on her life. She showed the power of storytelling as well as reminding us WHY storytelling is so important. There was more than one set of wet cheeks by the time she was finished.

The second round started off with Brad Morden, the Day Dream Superhero. 27.8

Next was Candice for a return engagement and a 27.5

D-Lightfull got the center spot… which she used to get the highest score of the night! 28.4!

PrufRock rocked the mic to the tune of 27.7

Kimbit finished things off with a solid 28.2

In the end it was D-Lightfull who took the nod but the crowd was richer for ALL the poetry and storytelling that graced the Mercury Lounge stage.

Final results:

1. D-Lightfull – 58.2
2. Candice Bruchhaeuser – 56.5
3. Brad Morden – 56.0
4. Kimbit – 55.5
5. PrufRock – 55.0
6. Vince Kang – 27.1
7. DMP – 26.8
8. Roots & Rhythm – 26.5
9. Rusty Priske – 26.1
10. Shaun Sullivan – 25.9
11. Mia Morgan – 25.4

The rankings have been updated and with one slam left to qualify for the semis, things are ON FIRE!

Priority for the final slam are for 2-time slammers, so the following poets will get to have a guaranteed spot if they are on the slam by 7pm on April 6th.

Ali Islam
Just Jamaal
Sir Realist
Roots & Rhythm
Chris Prokofiew
Sarah Ruszala
Billie the Kid
Jesse Huffman
Loose Change

BUt first, on March 30th, we are having a fundraiser show for the poets heading out to Vancouver for the Canadian Individual SLam Championships! See you at the Merc!


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