CapSlamReCapMarchEd #1

Does March go in like a Lion or a Lamb? I always mix that one up.

CapSlam charges like a bull! And that’s no… uh, bull!

We kicked off March with an odd mood. Rusty took the stage to host with DJ PrufRock doing his thing and Ben and Panos holding down the volunteer jobs… but there was something in the air… or maybe the Ottawater.

Maybe it was the BRAND NEW LIVE AT CAPITAL SLAM CD that was available for sale!

Darcia gave us a special treat by singing her way through the open mic. What a wonderful way to open the show! Angelheart also shared during the open set (on her birthday!)

ArRay-of-WoRds took the mic as sac and name-dropped his way to a 25.6 (after a .5 time penalty… but who cares?)

Bruce Narbaitz groaned when he saw that he was first out of the hat, but the crowd didn’t! His Chewbacca haiku (come to the haiku death match next week!) scored a strong 28.1!

V was next and while she just edged Bruce, she also went 3:21 and her 2 point penalty dropped her to 27.2.

PrufRock stepped out from behind the DJ booth and set the bar, scoring a 28.5.

Next was Mia Morgan who kept the high level of poetry going, scoring a solid 28.0

DMP read an ode to his bed and netted a 27.1

D-Lightfull made her CapSlam season debut and matched the high score of the round, 28.5!

Vessel shared soem heartfelt words next and ended flat on his back on the stage. 27.3

Dovi had trouble with mean old linear time, going 3:12 and netting a 26.5

Kym Dominque-Ferguson ventured to Ottawa from Montreal and came hard (so to speak), but scared the judges. 27.4 🙂

Sense-Say rounded out the first frame with what would have tied for the top mark, but his 3:12 time dropped him to 28.0

Then came double-feature The P.O.E. and Lip Balm, both making their Ottawa debut!

Great set!

The second round had the top 5 scorers from round 1 making a comeback, starting with PrufRock, who wowed the crowd and judges, getting the top score of the whole night, 29.3

Bruce Narbaitz was next (with a brand new poem, I think), and got a 28.7

Mia Morgan shared her second piece, getting a 28.4

Sense-Say went deep and got a 28.3

D-Lightfull finished off the event, still with a chance to match Pruf, and grabbed a 28.5

Final results

1. PrufRock – 57.8
2. D-Lightfull – 57.0
3. Bruce Narbaitz – 56.8
4. Mia Morgan – 56.4
5. Sense-Say – 56.3
6. Kym Dominique-Ferguson – 27.4
7. Vessel – 27.3
8. V – 27.2
9. DMP – 27.1
10. Dovi – 26.5

Full ranking swill be posted shortly.

Don’t forget our upcoming shows!

March 9th – The CPC Haiku Death Match!

March 16th – we are not at the Merc, instead we are presenting R.C. Weslowski and Magpie Ulysses at VERSeFest, at the Knox on ELgin at 9pm! (Check out the VERSeFest website for full festival details.

March 23rd – Capital Slam featuring Ruthanne Edward!


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