News for Ottawa Slammers: End of Season for CapSlam and Urban Legends

This is an announcement of interest to any poet who is looking towards the semis and finals of Capital Slam AND/OR Urban Legends.

There has been talk about whether individual poets would have to choose which of the slam series they wished to participate in, when it comes time for the semi-finals. The past two years Urban Legends has held their semi-finals after the CapSlam finals, so poets were able to compete for CapSlam and if they did not make the CapSlam team, they could still try to make the Urban Legends team.

That is changing this year, but not the level of ‘forcing’ a poet to choose.

This year, for the first time, CapitalSlam will be holding TWO semi-finals instead of one. Each will have 8 poets competing with the top 4 from each semi moving on to the finals. Unlike previous years, the Finals will start all poets at zero and the semi-finals scores will not be carried over. (The semis will be seeded based on the end of season standings.)

The semi-finals will be held on April 20th and May 4th at the Mercury Lounge. The Finals will be held on June 1st at the Alumni Auditorium at U of O.

The Urban Legends semi-finals will be held during May on a date TBA, but AFTER the CapSlam semi-finals on May 4th.

This means that any poet who qualifies for the CapSlam semi-finals and chooses to compete, but then does not finish in the Top 4 at the semi-finals, is free to compete in the Urban Legends semi-finals (if they otherwise qualify). Any poet who competes in the CapSlam semi-finals and MAKES IT to the finals will be ineligible to compete in the Urban Legends semi-finals.


When the CapSlam semi-finalists are announced on April 6th, the poets will need to decide fairly quickly whether they agree to participate, so think about it now so you are ready when the time comes.


4 thoughts on “News for Ottawa Slammers: End of Season for CapSlam and Urban Legends

  1. Sara says:

    I’m intrigued by this rule. Is it a fairness or a logistics thing? Fairness, as many poets as possible getting a shot at a finals showdown. Or logistics, not wanting to rearrange teams for poets who bail to the other team? Or both maybe?

    • rpriske says:


      A poet competing for a team and then not taking part of the team is unfair to anyone who wanted to take part but didn’t get a chance to compete.

      Capital Slam has a contract that all semi-finalists sign saying that if they win through, they will take part in the finals and team as appropriate. That is about fairness.

  2. Sara says:

    This new rule change has changed, hasn’t it?

    • rpriske says:

      Kind of…

      From our end it hasn’t. If a poet competes in the CapSlam semi-finals and makes the finals, they are bound to be part of the CapSlam team if they make it, as per our contract. That means if they were to compete at Urban Legends (in my opinion), they would have been doing so under false pretenses, as they could not commit to the U.L. team.

      It seems that after some further reflection, U.L. decided that they were okay with that. They don’t mind if a poet competes despite the possibility that they are unable to be a part of their team.

      That is the choice of the organizers.

      I understand that this is not going to be an issue after all as the three poets that qualified for the CapSlam Finals that also qualified for the CapSlam Semi-Finals have declined the opportunity.

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