CapSlamReCapFebEd # 2

It was the last chance for people who have NOT yet slammed this season to get priority… and five people took us up on it! Add to that a few vets and a handful of people who have slammed once or twice and there was a great mix of talent on stage at the Mercury Lounge!

Capital Slam was THE place to be on Saturday night in Ottawa!

We started out with 5 open micers (including our host) and most of them were new to the CapSlam stage!

Joshua Romancio (singing and playing guitar), J.T., Paul Dzobia, Grace and then John Akpata added to his hosting duties be sharing a poem.

The sac was CapSlam Team vet Loh El!

Then on to the slam!

First out of the magic hat was Rusty Priske and the curse of the bullet was in full force… 26.1

Next was Hyfidelik who got a 26.9

With two of the vets down, we switched to two newcomers. The first was Julien, who scored 27.2 but got a 2 point time penalty.

Next was I.D. who snuck ahead of Hyf, with a 27.0.

Vince Kang came strong, getting the highest score he has ever had at CapSlam (at least for the next hour or so) with a 27.7!

Loose Change dropped some deep thoughts and got a 24.8.

DMP, who has taken the Ottawa scene by storm since coming over from Van-city, got a 27.3.

Ali Islam, who made his debut a couple of weeks ago, came really strong and took the lead with a 28.6.

Emelie Jaquez, who has made some noise on the Youth and Women’s scenes, finally made her CapSLam debut, scoring a strong 27.4.

Billie the Kid came in at 26.4.

Shahdin – who thought she was doing open mic rather than slamming – scored a 24.3 but got a 3.5 point time penalty.

Vessel, and open mic vet but not usually a slammer, hit well with a 26.8.

Then came Scruffmouth, gracing the CapSlam stage all the way from Vancouver. It may have been black history month, but Scruff’s wisdom shines ALL year long.

In the second round DMP led the charge, staying consistent with a 27.5.

Emelie Jaquez was next and she edged up to a 27.8.

I.D. drew the centre spot and got a 27.4.

Vince Kang took his previous highest score and made it better! 28.0!

But Ali Islam was not to be denied as he took his lead and lengthened it, scoring a powerful 29.1!

Final scores

1. Ali Islam – 57.7
2. Vince Kang – 55.7
3. Emelie Jaquez – 55.2
4. DMP – 54.8
5. I.D. – 54.4
6. Hyfidelik – 26.9
7. Vessel – 26.8
8. Billie the Kid – 26.4
9. Rusty Priske – 26.1
10. Julien – 25.2
11. Loose Change – 24.8
12. Shahdin – 20.8

Now, don’t sleep on some big shows this week!

MONDAY – Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam, feat. Scruffmouth! It is at Umi Cafe this month instead of the usual spot.

WEDNESDAY – Ottawa Book Launch for The Great Black North! Get to Pressed Cafe for that one

THURSDAY – Ottawa Storytellers is at the N.A.C. Fourth Stage for a special Black History Month show called ‘Beyond the Railroad’ featuring a couple of people very important to CapSlam: former volunteer co-ordinator Ruthanne Edward and co-founder Greg ‘Ritallin’ Frankson

Then, get back the the Merc next saturday for our Canadian Individual Poetry Slam qualifier! This show is going to be huge…HUGE…HUGE!!!


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