It seems like it has been a week since the last time I was at Mercury Lounge for a poetry show.

That’s because it has been a week!

Now that the Capital Poetry Collective is doing shows EVERY Saturday, it is always only a week between poetic awesomeness!

Last week it was the VERSeOttawa Women’s Slam Championship, this week it was Capital Slam, featuring Ahmed Knowmadic!

The show kicked off with CPC Director and the evening’s host, Brad Morden, introducing a very special open micer… Mary Pinkoski! (For those that don’t know, Mary led the Edmonton team to a CFSW Championship in 2011. One of her team-mates was tonight’s feature, Ahmed Knowmadic!)

We also got a poem from Justine, then it was time for the slam!

The sacrificial poet was the newly crowned VERSeOttawa Women’s Champion, V! Hey, don’t sac poets normally score lower than slammers? Don’t tell V, who got a 27.0!

Drawing the bullet for the slam proper was Mia Morgan! Never what a poet wants, but the poetry stands up, no matter what the scores! 26.2

Next was Bruce Narbaitz, getting his third slam in for the season (the minimum number if you want to compete for a semi-finals spot). THe CapSlam Team vet got a 26.7

His former team-mate, Sean O’Gorman was next up to the mic. O’G notched the bar a little higher, netting a 27.3.

ArRay-of-WoRds was next up (copying the first line from O’G’s previous poem). 26.9

Making his CapSlam seasonal debut was Cannon2X. 26.8

Doing double-duty as DJ and slammer was PrufRock. Pruf moved the bar up, scoring a 27.9

The CPC volunteer coordinator (and excellent poet), Kay’la Fraser was next up. She got a 27.3

A newcomer to CapSlam, Ali Islam, was next to the stage. New to CapSlam, but not to performing, as he took the lead with a 28.0

From one end of the spectrum to the other – from a newcomer to a stone vet – Rusty Priske was up next with a new piece. 27.2

Chris Prokofiew was back for his second run at CapSlam glory, and he scored a solid 27.3.

Another second-timer, Jessie Huffman, shared a 39 second poem and picked up a 10, and a total of 24.5

The first round finished with DMP, who took the lead, squeaking past Ali Islam with a 28.1.

A tie meant there would be 6 poets int he second round!

But first… Ahmed Knowmadic! Ahmed is a wonderful talent and we were lucky to have him with us. Say it with me, friends, I AM AFRICA!

Thanks Ahmed! (Note: you can see him again next Friday at Urban Legends)

The second round was tight and we had six poets all looking for a claim on those CapSLam rankings.

First up was Kay’la Fraser who read a poem for her daughter. 26.2

PrufRock came out from behind the DJ booth to go next. He got a 27.8

Ali Islam proved it was more than beginner’s luck as he scored a hot 28.2

Chris Prokofiew was up next (his first time in the 2nd round… think we have a new addict?) 26.5

Sean O’Gorman scored big in the second round with a strong, strong poem and the highest mark of the night – 28.8

DMP went last again, but could he stay ahead of Ali Islam and the surging O’G? 28.6!

Final scores

1. DMP – 56.7
2. Ali Islam – 56.2
3. Sean O’Gorman – 56.1
4. PrufRock – 55.7
5. Chris Prokofiew – 53.8
6. Kay’la Fraser – 53.5
7. Rusty Priske – 27.2
8. ArRay-of-WoRds – 26.9
9. Cannon2x – 26.8
10. Bruce Narbaitz – 26.7
11. Mia Morgan – 26.2
12. Jessie Huffman – 24.5

The updated rankings will be up shortly but make sure you get out to these great upcoming CPC events!

Feb. 9th – the CPC Cover Slam!

Feb. 16th – Capital Slam, featuring Scruffmouth!

Feb. 23rd – The CPC Indies Qualifier! Next to the CapSlam semis and finals, this is our biggest show of the year!


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