Priority List for February!

Remember folks, during either Capital Slam in February, priority will be given to anyone who has not yet slammed at CapSlam this season.

So, if you haven’t thrown down with us since before September, get to the Merc on slam night BEFORE 7pm and we WILL get you on stage!


2 thoughts on “Priority List for February!

  1. Paul says:

    I’m a newbie, what’s the best way to get involved in performing at capital slam?

    • rpriske says:

      Come down and sign up. The list opens when the doors open at 6:30. Normally it is first-come, first-served and you need to get there early, but for both slams in February, priority is given to poets who have not slammed yet this season, which would include you. So, get down to the Mercury Lounge on Slam night (Feb. 2nd and 16th) before 7pm and we will get you up on stage! (caveat… it is still first-come, first-served etc, so if 12 poets who have not slammed this season get there before you, you can still miss out… so don’t be late!)

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