For those of you that don’t know, the mysterious writer os these recaps is none other than CapSlam SlamMaster, Rusty Priske.

You probably all knew that, even though I act as omniscient narrater in these things.

Well, anyway, those of you who saw me at the show probably realize that I have been very sick. I had to come out, but that also means I tuned out a bunch of the poetry as my head was groggy. I missed big chunks of Jamaal’s feature set, which is a real shame. I didn’t notice that one of our volunteers had inadvertently given out 6 scoreboards until after a few poets had gone up. We dealt with it. It’s cool.

So, the scores ended up not making any sense. To make it work, Brad and I decided to make each round on the night out of 40, rather than 30. To fit it into the season scores, I had to multiply each score by .75… which may have the effect of suppressing the scores somewhat, but it is the fairest thing I could come up with. Sorry.

On to the slam!

The show was hosted by V, in her first slam hosting gig!

As always, the show started with an passel of open micers. We started with Justine (new to our stage, I believe), followed by Arly Marv, F’allen (new to OUR stage, but she has slammed at OYPS – another CPC show), and, in an all too rare treat, former CapSlam champ and WORLD Slam Champ, Ian Keteku hit the mic!

Then the slam!

Sacrificial poetic blood was spilled by Hyfidelik. (Thanks for stepping in, Hyf. It was going to be me and I REALLY wasn’t feeling up to it…), then it was on to the magic slam hat!

The first name out of the hat was one of the exciting new poets this season, Shaun Sullivan! Sully scored a 34 (out of 40, remember?) but took a 1.5 time penalty. Remember poets, when you address the crowd in any way, the clock has started!

Next up in this night of vets and fresh voices coming together was former CPC Director, Sir Realist, with a brad new poem! He got a 34.3

Current rankings leader and reigning OYPS champ, Gavin Russell, was next. He scored a 35.1

Next up was OYPS SlamMaster, ArRay-of-WoRds! He set the bar for the show going forward, notching a 36.7

Another exciting new voice this season is Missaralee! She got a 33.9 (See Missaralee, along with 11 other amazingly talented female poets at the VERSeOttawa Women’s Slam Championships during the CPC time slot at the Mercury Lounge THIS COMING SATURDAY!)

Next up was DMP! 33.5

Four poets made their CapSlam debuts at this show. The first was Jesse Huffman. He scored a 31.4.

From rookie to vet as Loh El was next on the mic. He took the bar set my ArRay-of-WoRds and kicked it up a few notches. 38.5!

Loh El stayed as leader for only one poet as next up to the mic was Candice Bruchhaeuser who OWNED the crowd! They ate her up! FOUR of the six judges gave her perfect TENS! (We had seen a total of 2 TENS in the previous 9 poets) She ended with a 39.5.

The final three poets were all new to CapSlam, but not all new to the stage. The first was Erica Howes, who used to slam in London before moving here. London’s loss is Ottawa’s gain! Erica scored a 37.2!

The next poet was visiting from L.A.! Dan Carroll got a small time penalty, but still ended with a 35.2

Lastly, Dan Marciano’s poem was enjoyed by the audience and the judges, but the demons of linear time gave him a BIG time penalty (7.5 points off…) for a final score of 26.3.

Then came Just Jamaal’s feature. As I said, I can’t say much about it, unfortunately. I got to listen to bits here and there as I faded in and out. My favourite bit that I DID hear was the one where he was joined by his Missing Linx cohorts, PrufRock and Hyfidelik. Great stuff.

Oh, and about the retirement thing…

Then back for the second round.

The top 5 poets from the first round came back, in random order again, for another poem. Scores are cumulative…and everything counts in large amounts for the season rankings and getting an invite to the CapSlam Indies Qualifier on Feb. 23rd!

First up in the second round was Erica Howes. 34.8

Next was ArRay-of-WoRds. 36.0

Candice Bruchhauser wowed the crowd again… again grabbing 4 TENS. 39.5!

Loh El got a 37.7 and Dan Carroll took a 2.5 time penalty to end at 36.1

Remember, these final scores are inflated and will be corrected before entering the season rankings.

1. Candice Bruchhaeuser – 79.0
2. Loh El – 76.2
3. ArRay-of-WoRds – 72.7
4. Erica Howes – 72.0
5. Dan Carroll – 71.3
6. Gavin Russell – 35.1
7. Sir Realist – 34.3
8. Missaralee – 33.9
9. DMP – 33.5
10. Sean Sullivan – 32.5
11. Jesse Huffman – 31.4
12. Dan Marciano – 26.3

The season rankings will be updated on the rankings page as fast as I can type them up.

As for the Indy QUalifiers on Feb. 23rd, I am not going to list them here, because invites are out. I’ll announce who the CONFIRMED line-up is, once that is in place.

Remember that Saturday night at the Merc is the place for Spoken Word and the Capital Poetry Collective is your hook up!

Jan. 26th – VERSeOttawa Women’s Slam Championships! Last year’s show sold out (in a bigger venus) so make sure you get there and see the amazing talent we have in this city!

Feb. 2nd – Capital Slam featuring Ahmed Knowmadic!

Feb. 9th – Our first ever Cover Slam! Come and perform a favourite poem of yours… and if you dress up AS that poet, there is an extra prize for best costume!


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