CapSlamReCapJanEd #1

A new slam for a new year!

The place to be is Ottawa at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday night as it is the HOME of Spoken Word!

We kicked off 2013 with Capital Slam! Rusty was hosting so it was a night of awkward pauses and non-sequiter tangents… but it was also a night of poetry!

Because, in the words of RC Weslowski, the night was FILLED with poetry!

We started off with Angel Heart and Mia Morgan on the open mic… books are good! Yay!

For a sac poet we couldn’t have asked for better that the stupendous V! She got a 26.8.

Then came the slammers… starting with this year’s unluckiest poet on the draw, CPC Director Brad Morden! He got a 25.5.

He was followed by one ha;f of this month’s OYPS feature, CauseMo! She got a 26.5.

Next up was a brand new slammer, Joey Stafford-Abbot! Joey got a 25.1.

Loh El was next up and while his score was good, he also went well over time, netting a 24.6.

Sean O’Gorman had one of his entertaining train wrecks were he turns a land mine into a chance to chat, as if over a beer. He also got a 10. 26.6.

DMP was next up, going off mic, and grabbing a 26.0.

Late entry Rock Howell sang his way to a 20.7, after a big time deduction.

A new poet to our stage (but not THE stage) was Anto who charmed the judges… to a point. 27.1.

PrufRock came out from behind the DJ booth to jump into the lead with a 27.8.

Missaralee scored a strong 27.3… which was then matched exactly by Shaun Sullivan.

Last up was Kimbit who came hard and got a 27.6.

Then came the features, Lisa Slater! Lisa got her ‘start’ at Capital Slam but really flourished after she moved to Vancouver, so it was so great to have her back in town… and what a great set! Poignant, powerful, funny at times, wrenching at others. Good stuff.

The second round kicked off with Missaralee showing her consistency with a 27.2.

PrufRock came back out and got the highest mark of the night, so far, with a 28.4.

Anto turned his return trip into a solid 27.5.

Shaun Sullivan went a little more serious and amped up to a 27.9.

Kimbit rounded out the show much like she rounded out the first half, but took away the top score honour, getting a 28.6.


A tie for the second slam in a row!

1T. Kimbit – 56.2
1T. PrufRock – 56.2
3. Shaun Sullivan – 55.2
4. Anto – 54.6
5. Missaralee – 54.5
6. Sean O’Gorman – 26.6
7. CauseMo – 26.5
8. DMP – 26.0
9. Brad Morden – 25.5
10. Joey Stafford-Abbot – 25.1
11. Loh El – 24.6
12. Rock Howell – 20.7

And now, here are the current season standings


1. Gavin Russell
2. PrufRock
3T. Rusty Priske
3T. ArRay-of-WoRds
5. Sean O’Gorman
6. Missaralee
7. Shaun Sullivan
8T. Brad Morden
10. Mia Morgen
11. Loh El
12. Kimbit
13. Vince Kang
14. Tyrin Kelly
15. Rock Howell


16. Kay’la Fraser
17T. V
17T. Bruce Narbaitz
19T. Just Jamaal
19T. Candace Bruchhaeuser
21. CauseMo
22. Sarah Ruszala
23. Dovi
24. D-Zaster


25. OpenSecret
26. Sir Realist
27T. Zorah
27T. Cathy Petch
29. Sense-Say
30. Julie Vallon
31T. Hyfidelik
31T. Anto
33. Roots & Rhythm
34. Blue
35. Rhianna
36. Pero
37. Mage
38. Joesph Sic
39. Brandon Wint
40T. Billie Kearns
40T. Nadia Pohran
42. Chris Prokofiew
43T. Ivan Rose
43T. Sam Downs
45T. Ali Alikhani
45T. MD
47. Ian Walters
48T. Josianne Anthony
48T. Joey Stafford-Abbot
50. James Payette
51. Alex McDonnell
52. Robin LeWilliam-North
53. Adam Pike
54. Tiolu
55. Panos the Chemist
56. Omar Saghir
57. Loose Change

And, with only 1 more qualifying slam, here are the current rankings for the Indy Slam rep qualifier…

1. Gavin Russell
2. PrufRock
3. ArRay-of-WoRds
4. Sean O’Gorman
5. DMP
6. Kimbit
7. Kay’la Fraser
8. Bruce Narbaitz
9. OpenSecret
10. Rusty Priske
11. Missaralee
12. V

Don’t forget, next saturday is the No Rules Slam featuring Tammy ‘Dimorphic’ Mackenzie!


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