CapSlamReCapDecEd #1


Can you hear it?

It is the sound of awesome.

I, of course, am talking about Capital Slam who just kicked off December with some hot poetry!

Five poets added their names to the role of awesomosity that have slammed this season,bringing that total to 51! 4 of tonight’s names have never slammed here before! Woot!

But first, were we ready?

Brad Morden had the stage. PrufRock had the DJ Booth. Kay’la Fraser had the door. Rusty Priske had the scoresheet. Kimbit had the stopwatch.

We were set!

First we had a fun-filled and eclectic open mic!

We started with the current leader on the Youth Slam Standings, Emelie Jaquez! What incredible talent! Then we had Ivan Rose (who doubled as a judge)! Angelheart had us IN STITCHES! DJ Aunt Heather brought the wisdom! Loh El plugged in his guitar and gave as a sneak peek at his upcoming album!

Then came the slam!

One of the great new voices this season is Shaun Sullivan and he volunteered his blood as sacrifice. (A little too much blood as his poem went 4 and a half minutes)

The slam kicked off with a first-timer, Chris Prokofiew! Those who expected Peter and the Wolf had to be informed that this was Chris, not Sergei. He got a respectable 26.3. Come back soon Chris!

Next was vet Sean O’Gorman with his particular brand of wordplay. 27.5.

That sounded good to 2011 CapSlam Champ, Sense-Say, who also took a 27.5.

Next was Candace Bruchhaeuser who nudged the bar up a little higher and grabbed a 27.9.

Our second newcomer, Ian Walters, went with a short poem and got a 25.6.

Another newcomer – to the slam, but not the open mic and audience – Panos the Chemist got a 23.8.

Next was the current standings leader, Gavin Russell. He showed why and got a huge 28.9.

Vince Kang and Mia Morgan followed the example set by O’G and Sense-Say and both got the same score – 26.4.

Yet ANOTHER new voice, Alex McDonnell got a 25.5.

Back to the vets as the final two poets of the round were ArRay-of-WoRds and PrufRock got a 26.7 and 28.2 respectively.

The feature was DeAnna Smith from Montreal and her set was deep and powerful! She was joined by her husband (Blackbird from the Kalmunity Vibe Colelctive) on trumpet for two pieces. Strong, strong stuff from a strong woman and poet!

Second round time! Five moved on and we started with Sense-Say he set it off right with The Body. 27.9.

Sean O’Gorman messed up his fresh sheets and got a 27.7.

Gavin Russell namedropped a bunch of Bat-villains (even Zsasz? Impressive….) and dropkicked his scores into orbit. 28.8.

PrufRock is scared of the dark. Or was that Edison? Who invented the white board? Probably 3M… Oh, he got a 28.2 again.

Lastly we had Candace Bruchhaeuser who came big and got a 28.3 (the highest non-Gavin score of the night, despite getting a small time penalty).


1. Gavin Russell – 57.7
2. PrufRock – 56.4
3. Candace Bruchhaeuser – 56.2
4. Sense-Say – 55.4
5. Sean O’Gorman – 55.2
6. ArRay-of-WoRds – 26.7
7T. Mia Morgan – 26.4
7T. Vince Kang – 26.4
9. Chris Prokofiew – 26.3
10. Ian Walters – 25.6
11. Alex McDonnell – 25.5
12. Panos the Chemist – 23.8


3-time slammers

1. Gavin Russell
2. Rusty Priske
3T. Sean O’Gorman
3T. ArRay-of-WoRds
5. Missaralee
6. Brad Morden
7. Shaun Sullivan
8. Mia Morgan
9T. Vince Kang
11. Tyrin Kelly

2-time slammers

12. Bruce Narbaitz
13. PrufRock
14. Candace Bruchhaeuser
15. Sarah Ruszala
16. Dovi
17. D-Zaster
18. Rock Howell

1-time slammers

19T. V
19T. OpenSecret
21. Just Jamaal
22. Kay’la Fraser
23. CauseMo
24. Cathy Petch
25. Zorah
26T. Loh El
26T. Sense-Say
28. Julie Vallon
29. Hyfidelik
30. Roots & Rhythm
31T. BLuE
31T. Rhianna
33. Mage
34. Joesph Sic
35. Brandon Wint
36. Nadia Pohran
37. Chris Prokofiew
38T. Ivan Rose
38T. Sam Downs
40. Kimbit
41. MD
42. Ian Walters
43T. Josianne Anthony
43T. James Payette
45. Alex McDonnell
46. Robin LeWilliam-North
47. Adam Pike
48T. Panos the Chemist
48T. Tiolu
50. Omar Saghir
51. Loose Change

And remember, the Canadian Individula Slam Championships is coming and the show to select the CapSlam rep will be at the end of February, so between now and the end of January (3 more slams) poets need to try and qualify for our qualifier! (confused?)

Remember that this will be a 1-2-3-4 slam! So get your different length poems ready!

These rankings are just looking at a poet’s single best result from the season.

With 3 slams to go, if the event were today it would include:

Gavin Russell
Sean O’Gorman
Bruce Narbaitz
Rusty Priske
Just Jamaal
Shaun Sullivan
Candace Bruchhaeuser

What a line-up!


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