After two sell-out shows, Capital Slam was all a-buzz as 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac were coming to town!

Nathanael Larochette (Sir Realist) was hosting… PrufRock was providing the soundtrack… D-Lightfull and Bruce Narbaitz handled the door… Michel Lacroix was the number cruncher… Gavin Russell hooked us up with some judges and we were good to go!

As always, we started with an open mic: Willow made her stage debut. Hope we see more Willow on the CapSlam mic! Arly Marv dropped some rap. Angelheart did some singing. Vessel did his thing.

But then PrufRock hit the mic. Or should I say, Reverend PrufRock hit the pulpit as he presided over a marriage of poetry. Slammaster Rusty Priske escorted the two lovely poets down the aisle and then, reading their own vows, Johnny MacRae and Shayne avec i grec joined their poetry is blissful union.

You can’t say you don’t see something new every times you come to Capital Slam.

Mia Morgan was the sac and she spoke some Shakespeare for us to kick things off!

Drawing the bullet… Dovi! Clap…clap..clap… etc. 25.2

Next up was Rusty Priske (debuting his first Duncameron poem), and it went over really well! 27.9

Bruce Narbaitz (and if I had a way to spell out a Chewbacca haiku, I would certainly do that), was right in there with a 27.8.

(as a side note, the judges were ON POINT. Score creep was a non factor and scoring was VERY consistent!)

Next was Hyfidelik, bringing his own brand of poetic love… that went just a bit over time, netting him a 27.9. Scores are close!

He was followed by Sarah Ruszala. Sarah is a new youth poet who has got some amazing poetic chops! 27.3

Ivan Rose made his CapSlam debut and did himself proud. Let’s see Ivan out again! 26.4

D-Zaster with some poetry violence… 25.8

Followed by Roots & Rhythm with a different sort of poetry violence! 27.7

Next was exciting rookie, Shaun Sullivan. He pushed the bar up for the first round, getting a 28.2

Tyrin Kelly has had problems with the mic in the past, but this time everyone could hear his poetry… and liked it! 26.9

That hippie Loh El made his season debut. Right in the mix with a 27.9

DMP finished off the first round with some pure comedy. 27.2

Then came Johnny and Shayne. These 2 Dope Boys are TOO DOPE! The Anthropocolypse is coming! Fear the Zambonis!

One thing the the Ottawa scene is not deep in is WEIRD poetry. Here was got some great stuff (and CHris Gilpin is coming in December!)

Then came the second round. After the first round, the gap between 1st and 5th was only .4 so it was anybody’s game!

Loh El had the unenviable task of following the feature and got a 27.1

Next was Hyfidelik who was talking about Dogs and… I think he dropped some freestyle to the point where he forgot about the clock. He actually tied Loh El but dropped by 2.5 after linear time was done messing with him. 24.6

Rusty Priske went up next and sang about Star Trek… kind of. Yeah. 27.9

Shaun Sullivan was next. There was a problem with his score but on double-checking it was a 26.9

Bruce Narbaitz ended things with a call-back to Rusty’s poem and the geeks were united tonight! 28.6 and the win!

Final results

1. Bruce Narbitz – 56.3
2. Rusty Priske – 55.8
3. Shaun Sullivan – 55.1
4. Loh El – 55.0
5. Hyfidelik – 52.5
6. Roots & Rhythm – 27.7
7. Sarah Ruszala – 27.3
8. DMP – 27.2
9. Tyrin Kelly – 26.9
10. Ivan Rose – 26.4
11. D-Zaster – 25.8
12. Dovi – 25.2

And now, the updated season rankings… did anyone knock Gavin Russell out of the top spot?



1. Gavin Russell
2. Rusty Priske
3. Missaralee
4. Sean O’Gorman
5. Brad Morden
6. Shaun Sullivan
7. Mia Morgan
8. DMP
9. Tyrin Kelly


10. Bruce Narbaitz
11. ArRay-of-WoRds
12T. Sarah Ruszala
12T. Vince Kang
14. Dovi
15. D-Zaster
16. Rock Howell


17T. V
17T. OpenSecret
19. Just Jamaal
20. Kay’la Fraser
21. CauseMo
22. PrufRock
23. Cathy Petch
24. Zorah
25. Julie Vallon
26. Loh El
27. Candace Bruchaeuser
28. Hyfidelik
29. Roots & Rhythm
30T. Blue
30T. Rhianna
32. Mage
33. Joesph Sic
34. Brandon Wint
35. Nadia Pohran
36T. Ivan Rose
36T. Sam Downs
38. Kimbit
39. MD
40. James Payette
41. Josianne ANthony
42. Robin LeWilliam-North
43. Adam Pike
44. Tiolu
45. Omar Saghir
46. Loose Change

And our current indies rep rankings look like this (top qualifiers only)

1. Gavin Russell
2. Sean O’Gorman
3. Bruce Narbaitz
4. ArRay-of-WoRds
5. OpenSecret
6. Rusty Priske
7. Missaralee
8. V
9. Just Jamaal
10. Shaun Sullivan
11. Kay’la Fraser
12. CauseMo

Net up, December 1st and Deanna Smith from Montreal!


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