CapSlamReCapNovEd #1

What a BIG slam! Huge! The venue was bursting at the seams and so were our brains from all the poetry!

Let’s start with the show trappings: OpenSecret hosting. DJ Rusty on the ones (no twos… just ones). Missaralee on the door. DMP on the scoresheet. D-Zaster on the judges boards.

Sounds like an all-start lineup… and those aren’t even the poets for the night! (well, one of them was…)

Open mic: new regular Tyrin Kelly kicked things off in his understated style. Then came two newcomers who both NEED to come back! Lindsey Tulloch and Ruth Webber-Juggoo are finds! Then open mic regular Vessel rounded things off.

Then came the slam! Sacrificial blood was spilled by Hyfidelik! CapSlam12 in the house!

Going into the slam in first place in the overall rankings, Mia Morgan took the bullet. She got a 25.8

Next was CPC Director Brad Morden (does Sally make in a team piece?) 27.3

Robin LeWilliam-North covered more of the stage than anyone else, that’s for sure! Pushing the envelope! 23.4

Sean O’Gorman is still here! Yay for us! 27.2

Missaralee continues to impress in her rookie season! a BIG 28.1!

Omar Saghir stepped on the dreaded poetry landmine. Happens to everyone, Omar. Keep at it! 22.9

The second straight debut, MD! 25.3

Mage hasn’t been around the scene in a couple of years! Welcome back! 26.9

Visiting poetry titan, Cathy Petch! 27.3 (way underscored, in my opinion…)

James Payette was another slam debut. 24.6

Gavin Russell, the 2012 Youth Slam Champ, came hard and got a 29.0!

Vince Kang rounded out the first half with as 26.7.

Then came our feature 2011 IWPS Champ, Chris August! Funny and deep and awesome, Chris August! What a treat to have him in our fair city!

Second round kicked off with Sean O’Gorman going old school and netting a 27.3

Gavin Russell set the pace again, with a 28.4

Brad Morden sent a letter to Stephen Harper. He never wrote back. 26.8

Cathy Petch delivered a Mike Tyson cross for a 28.1

Missaralee just says no. 282.

Final results!

1. Gavin Russell – 57.4
2. Missaralee – 56.3
3. Cathy Petch – 55.4
4. Sean O’Gorman – 54.5
5. Brad Morden – 54.1
6. Mage – 26.9
7. Vince Kang – 26.7
8. Mia Morgan – 25.8
9. MD – 25.3
10. James Payette – 24.6
11. Robin LeWilliam-North – 23.4
12. Omar Saghir – 22.9

So, what about the season standings? Who is in first place now? Is it still Mia?

Three-time slammers

1. Gavin Russell
2. Missaralee
3. Sean O’Gorman
4. Brad Morden
5. Mia Morgan

two-time slammers

6. ArRay-of-WoRds
7. Rusty Priske
8. Shaun Sullivan
9T. Vince Kang
11T. Tyrin Kelly
11T. Rock Howell

one-time slammers

13T. V
13T. OpenSecret
15T. Bruce Narbaitz
15T. Just Jamaal
17, Kay’la Fraser
18. CauseMo
19. PrufRock
20. Cathy Petch
21. Zorah
22. Julie Vallon
23. Candace Bruchhaeuser
24T. Blue
24T. Rhianna
26. Mage
27. Joesph Sic
28. Brandon Wint
29. Nadia Pohran
30. Sam Downs
31T. Kimbit
31T. Dovi
33T. Sarah Ruszala
33T. MD
35. Josianne Anthony
36. James Payette
37. D-Zaster
38. Robin LeWilliam-North
39. Adam Pike
40. Tiolu
41. Omar Saghir
42. Loose Change

Now, if our Indies qualifier were held today, here would be the 12 qualifiers:

1. Gavin Russell
2. Sean O’Gorman
3. ArRay-of-WoRds
4. OpenSecret
5. Missaralee
6. Rusty Priske
7. V
8. Just Jamaal
9. Bruce Narbaitz
10. Kay’la Fraser
11. CauseMo
12. PrufRock

Our next show is Nov. 17th featuring 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac!

Also, watch for our big announcement!


One thought on “CapSlamReCapNovEd #1

  1. ikennasopensecret says:

    if the indies qualifiers, i would hope to drop my spot for Mia. i really hope she gets a shot to qualify.

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