Want to Rep CapSlam at the Canadian Individual Slam Championships in 2013?

This is how you do it…

We are still nailing down the exact date (what with all the amazing shows CapSlam is going to be involved with over the season), but we are going to be holding a special event slam where the winner is named the Capital Slam representative for the Canadian Individual Slam Championships held in Vancouver in 2013.

The event will be multiple rounds with varying poem length requirements (to better fit with the Indies 1-2-3-4 minute rounds).

How do you get a spot in this event?

We will be looking at everyone who has slammed at Capital Slam this season as of a to-be-announced date. Rather than using your best three nights, as we do when looking at qualifying for the Capital Slam semi-finals, we will be taking your best night. Period.

So, get out to Capital Slam and get a win. (We project it won’t be just winners, but that is your best shot.) Get writing different length poems.

The winner of the special event will not only rep us in Vancouver but the proceeds from that event will help to send the poet to the west coast for the big slam!

In the two years the Canadian Indies have been going, Ottawa has been well represented including their first ever crowned champion in 2011, OpenSecret! The winner of that event is the poet generally invited to rep Canada at the World Slam Championships in Paris, France!

Wow. Things are getting crazy.

Also, don’t forget these up-coming CPC Slams:

Nov. 3rd – Capital Slam featuring I.W.P.S. Champion, Chris August!

Nov. 17th – Capital Slam featuring Two Dopes Boys in a Cadillac! Johnny MacRae and Shayne avec i grec!

Nov. 19th – Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam featuring D.M.P.!

And don’t forget that Dec. 8th brings us the LAST opportunity to qualify for the VERSeOttawa Women’s Slam Championships! The top four women in the slam on Dec.8th will qualify for the Championships in the new year and the chance to win a feature spot at VERSeFest in March!

Also, get writing your HAIKU! Ottawa’s first Haiku Death Match is coming, so get your haiku bones writing! You need up to 30 to throw down and it is going to be a blast!


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