CapSlamOctReCap #2




What an amazing show! The Mercury Lounge was PACKED (literally one person short of a sell-out) and the list was EVERY BIT AS PACKED!

At my count there were seven people who wanted to slam and couldn’t, but the list was full of amazing vets and amazing newcomers!

The show was AMAZING!

Let’s start with the open mic: open mic vet Vessel was on there but so were three poets who have never graced our stage before – Emilly, Emma and Heather Brunet! I hope we see you back soon! Maybe even to slam!

The sac poet was visiting from B.C.: Josiane Anthony! It was great to have you in our neck of the woods again, speaking truth!

Then, as Brad Morden pulled names out of the magic… cardboard box…

We started with a youth slammer making the jump, Sarah Ruszala! Her poem was a mouthful of linguistic gymnastics… but she also got the bullet blues as the judges still had to get warmed up a little. 25.9.

Next was scene stalwart, Rock Howell as he sang a new piece to judges who were not enthused, unfortunately. Plus he got a 1 point time penalty, for a total of 18.8.

Another CapSlam debut (though she has rocked the open mic before), Tiolu was next! She got respectable scores but she also went over 4.5 minutes, knocking her down to a 21.9.

One of this year’s big rookies was next as Missaralee took the mic and taught the meaning of the word no, moving the bar up to a 27.8.

A returnee from last year, Candace Bruchhaueser, rocked the mic next and edged into first with a 28.0!

Sam Downs debuted next with a great piece about gender identity. I honestly don’t think the judges were listening on this one, but lots of people in the audience were, Sam. Great job and we hope to see more from you soon! 26.1.

The first of four former CapSlam team members was next as Bruce Narbaitz took the stage with a strong new poem! (New to me, anyway…). He grabbed the lead with a 28.3!

Speaking of former team members… three-time CapSlam teamer OpenSecret took the stage! Uber-woot! Beethoven spoke through him to the tune of 29.7!

Next was yet another newcomer, Zorah! She didn’t spit like a newcomer! 28.2!

Another vet… Brandon Wint was in the house! As Sir Realist said after, the judges might not get Brandon, but the universe does and that is what counts! 26.8 (after a small time issue).

Yet ANOTHER new poet hit the mic next – Nadia Pohran! Strong debut – 26.4!

The first round finished off with The Artist Formerly Known as V – Overtime! (You can keep calling her V, though…) She ripped up the stage! A BIG 29.5!

We were still reeling from the amazing first round when the Urban Legends hit the stage as feature! King Kimbit, ArRay-of-WoRds, Ali Alikhani, Apollo the Child and Brad Morden showed as why so many people were talking about this team at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word! They were incredible!

As if that weren’t enough, we still had another round to go!

First up we had Candace coming back for another solid, powerful piece! 27.6!

Then came OpenSecret who moved from Beethoven to Gallileo and got ANOTHER 29.7! Can he be beaten?

Newcomer Zorah celebrated her first slam by getting to the second round! She ripped it up again, getting a 28.4!

Then came V (or the artist formerly known as…). She was the only one mathematically who could catch OpenSecret. She outscored him! 29.8!

The final poet was Bruce Narbaitz who shared wookie haiku and got a 29.4!

So, did V catch him?

Final results

1. OpenSecret 59.4
2. V 59.3
3. Bruce Narbaitz 57.7
4. Zorah 56.6
5. Candace Buchhaueser 55.6
6. Missarlee 27.8
7. Brandon Wint 26.8
8. Nadia Pohran 26.4
9. Sam Downs 26.1
10. Sarah Ruszala 25.9
11. Tiolu 21.9
12. Rock Howell 18.8

Now, what about the season rankings? Is Mia Morgan still in first?

Yes she is!

3-time slammer

1. Mia Morgan

2-time slammers

2. Gavin Russell
3. ArRay-of-WoRds
4. Rusty Priske
5. Sean O’Gorman
6. Brad Morden
7. Missaralee
8. Shaun Sullivan
9. DMP
10T. Tyrin Kelly
10T. Rock Howell

1-time slammers

12T. OpenSecret
12T. V
14T. Bruce Narbaitz
14T. Just Jamaal
16. Kay’la Fraser
17. CauseMo
18. PrufRock
19. Zorah
20. Julie Vallon
21. Candace Bruchhaueser
22T. Blue
22T. Rhianna
24. Joesph Sic
25. Brandon Wint
26. Nadia Pohran
27. Sam Downs
28T. Kimbit
28T. Dovi
30T. Sarah Ruszala
30T. Vince Kang
32. Josianna Anthony
33. D-Zaster
34. Adam Pike
35. Tiolu
36. Loose Change

The top 16 go to the semi-finals at the end of the season! Who will it be?


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