CFSW Day 6

Let’s start at the end.

Up From the Roots are the new National Slam Champions, after coming second… A lot.

Dwayne Morgan finally got what he deseves.

CapSlam founder Ritallin has his own trophy now.

Congrats to ALL the teams. My personal favourite performances were by Brent Chappel (Saskatoon) and Andre Prefontaine (Calgary).

The CapSlam team, after the narrow miss by the thinnest of margins, were invited to do one of thier unused team pieces… And it was KILLER!

Urban Legends was offered areturb engagement… As was London’s Inali with one of the most memorable pieces of the festival.

In addition the he amazing finals, the day saw the SpoCan board meeting which saw the entire board structure change and some changes in the membership.

The new Anational Director s Charles Hamilton and we couldn’t be in better hands. Of interest to Ottawa folks, the CapSlam SlamMaster, Rusty Priske is now the SpoCan treasurer and the Capital Poetry Collective Director, Brad Morden, and Lanark County’s Beth Schilling are both members-at-large.

Big doings.

I mentioned some new rules. One is a change in how team alts are handled at the festivel. From now on, alts are allowed to take part in team pieces and may be listed a primary author (either in a solo or group piece) once per festival.

There are also changes coming to the no repeat rule, but they are not yet finalized.

The 2013 festival will be in Montreal and info about 2014 will be coming soon.

In the meantime let me say that this festival is one of the best fests I have ever been to. It is right up there with Victoria, though that one has some personal advantages.

Good job Chuck, John and Daniel. Sean and Missie, it was wonderful to work with you. The same for the talented RC, Mike McGee and Shayne.

Big things coming for CapSlam! The game is a-foot!


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