CFSW Day 4

Another day in paradise… Poetry paradise.

The day included some good and at times very frank and necesarily disturbing conversation about safe space in slam. Brad and Rustybhave already discussed some ways that changes can be made on the homefront, trying to make CapSlam better for EVERYONE.

Then the bouts.

In the CapSlam bout our heroes had a solid showing against the hometown side. They ended in 2nd, behind Saskatoon and ahead of Winnipeg and York.

Downstairs the Urban Legends team kicked some major ass. Be proud of this nearly all-rookie team that showed what they are made of.

So? Results?

Top 8 go on to semis tomorrow.

The first 3 are basically tied. I could pull out some meaningless tiebreaker, but why bother?

1T. Victoria
1T. Saskatoon
1T. Guelph
4. Calgary
5. Capital Slam
6. Kitchener/Waterloo
7. Up From The Roots
8. Toronto Poetry Slam

9. Vancouver
10. Urban Legends
11. Burlington
12. Montreal
13. Edmonton
14. Winnipeg
15. Lanark County
16. London
17. Mississauga
18. York
19. Regina
20. Wild Card

Stay tuned as tomorrow Capital Slam takes on Saskatoon, Calgary and Kitchener in the path to the finals.


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