CFSW Day 2

The end of official day 2 is here and what a day!

From an Ottawa perspective, the early day ‘thing’ was a panel about growing your slam scene with reps with experience from ‘some of the most successful slams in the country’: Charles Hamilton of Tonight It’s Poetry in Saskatoon, Sean McGarragle of VanSlam in Vancouver, Missie Peters of Tongues of Fire in Victoria and Capital Slam’s own Rusty Priske.

Later (after a couple of successful themed showcases about eco-poetry and GLBT space) it was time for the bouts and the first one included Ottawa’s Urban Legends!

UL did not do as well as they had hoped on the scoresheet, but they sure have nothing to feel bad about on stage! In the end the bout was really close but ended 1.Victoria, 2.Calgary, 3.Missisauga, 4.Urban Legends

In the second bout there was a big upset! Check it: 1.Kitchener/Waterloo, 2.Burlington, 3.London, 4.Montreal

Big, Big, Big!!

Capital Slam is up tomorrow!


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