CFSW Day 1

The official day 1 happened and it was great… Until it wasn’t… But then it was again.

The draw went great and smooth. CapSlam was ready to face…not so fast!

All of a sudden one of the teams was NOT coming and everything got thrown into a loop. Halifax was out and a Last Minute Last Chance Slam was on! Now some people really like last chance slams but to put in on the first ever CFSW Story Slam had to be cancelled. That sucked.

The Last Chance team is now Johnny MacRae, Spillious, Dylan Williamson and Ahmed Majid, with Scruffmouth as alt.

Later there was a poetry decathlon hosted by Mighty Mike McGee. Craziness ensued.

Tomorrow CapSlamMaster Rusty Priske is on a panel with Sean McGarragle, Charles Hamilton and Missie Peters about growing your scene. Should be fun.

Then the bouts. capSlam isn’t up yet but Urban Legends faces Missisauga, Calgary and Victoria at 7pm. Cheer them on!


One thought on “CFSW Day 1

  1. Cheers from the rural beat.

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