CFSW Day 0

The CFSW 2012 adventure has begun! On Sunday the Capital Slam team (PrufRock, Sir Realist, V, Hyfidelik, Loh El) along with CapSlam SlamMaster Rusty Priske, flew the friendly skies. It turned out they were on the same flight as 20% of the Urban Legends team, ArRay-of-WoRds.

from Ottawa to Calgary to Saskatoon makes for a long day but everyone was in high spirits. Tired but excited to rep Ottawa in the quest for poetry immortality… Or at least noteriety.

A lot of poets still to come but the evening saw Saskatoon’s Tonight It’s Poetry feature one of the mainstays of the National Poetry Scene, Sean McGarragle. There was also a deep and diverse open mic where Ottawa poets included Brad Morden, Ali, Loh El, PrufRock, and ArRay-of-WoRds. During Sean’s set he called up fellow slammasters Charles Hamilton and Rusty Priske to do their thing as well. rusty’s used the opportunity to announce his retirement. (People at CapSlam in September know what that means).

That was Sunday. CFSW hasn’t even started yet.


2 thoughts on “CFSW Day 0

  1. deekayelgee says:

    I will be following the journey loyally. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Rusty. I love that you got to do your retirement poem at the fest. Perfect venue for that one. Wish I could be there with you. Could you keep me posted on the LiPS team too?

  2. Thank you Rusty for keeping the non-attendees informed.

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