This isn’t much of a recap because I need to go get on a plane as I am going with the Capital Slam team to Saskatoon for CFSW!

The slam went down like this…

Open Mic: Vessel, Panos, Omar, Jovan

Sac: Sense-Say

Feature: Capital Slam Team

Final Results

1. Sean O’Gorman 58.1
2. Gavin Russell 57.3
3. Kay’la Fraser 57.2
4. ArRay-of-WoRds 56.9
5. Mia Morgan 56.6
6. Sean Sullivan 27.8
7. Rusty Priske 27.5
8. Brad Morden 27.3
9. DMP 26.8
10. Kimbit 26.1
11T. Tyrin Kelly 25.8
11T. Josianne Anthony 25.8


3-Time Slammer

1. Mia Morgan

2-time slammers

2. Gavin Russell
3. ArRay-of-WoRds
4. Rusty Priske
5. Sean O’Gorman
6. Brad Morden
7. Sean Sullivan
8. DMP
9. Tyrin Kelly

1-time slammers

10T. Kay’la Fraser
10T. Just Jamaal
12. CauseMo
13. PrufRock
14T. Julie Vallon
14T. Missaralee
16T. BLuE
16T. Rhianna
18. Joesph Sic
19. Dovi
20. Kimbit
21. Vince Kang
22. Josianna Anthony
23. Rock Howell
24. D-Zaster
25. Adam Pike
26. Loose Change

Wish the CapSlam team (and the Urban Legends team) luck in Saskatoon!


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