New CapSlamSeasonReCap!!

Not just ANY CapSlamReCap but the one that goes with the new season being underway!

This is the point where everything is fresh and ready to go as new voices beg to be heard and poets jockey for one of the sixteen (that’s right, I said sixteen) spots in our TWO (you heard me!) semi-finals leading to the formation of the 2013 CapSlam team who will heading to Montreal to do us as proud as they do every year!

Go future team!

The show kicked off as they often do, with a crack team of volunteers setting things up for you! Remember folks, a slam needs three things: poets, audience and volunteers. Without all three there is no show, so get involved!

For this show we want to thank Ruthanne Edward for running the door, (Urban Legends champ) Kimbit for running being the scorekeeper / timekeeper, and Bruce Narbaitz for wrangling the judges! Thanks troops! We also had Brad Morden taking on the hosting duties, DJ PrufRock spinning the tunes, and John Akpata filming the whole thing for us (watch for some video coming soon).

We started, as always, with some open micers. We had some pretty new voices, but they sounded like established vets! Emily, Erich Mrak, Vessel and Tiolu helped us kick off the show with style!

Then came the sac poet, and we had a good one with Urban Legends team member, Ali! When he got a range from 7 to 10, we knew that the scoring tonight was going to be wild!

The first poet in the competition to come out of the magic hat was Vince Kang! Vince has slammed a few times and it seems like he has caught the bug! His scores ranged from 8.1 to 9.5 and he ended with a 25.2.

Next we had a member of the Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam – also a member series in the Capital Poetry Collective community – Blue! Blue and the other OYPS members recently competed in a big youth slam in Guelph and came away the champions! Well done Ottawa Youth! His scores tonight ranged from 8.4 to 10, ending with a 27.1.

Third up was series vet Sean O’Gorman! We keep hearing that O’G is soon to head east… and I mean FAR east… but in the meantime, we love having him around! His scores ranged from 7.4 (what?) to 9.5, leaving him with a 26.7.

Next was another OYPS team member, one of their co-champions, in fact, Gavin Russell. Gavin came heard with a machine gun delivery that could have had him doubling as an auctioneer. He was the first poet to get 2 tens, with a low of 8.5 and a final of 28.9. That would be enough to give him the highest score of Round 1.

Next was a newcomer to our stage, Adam Pike. He did a very short poem that netted him scores ranging from 7 to 8 and a final score of 22.5. First time is the hardest Adam! Let’s see you up there again!

Next was the CapSlam Slam Master, Rusty Priske. Word had gone out that Rusty had performed poems in competition at CapSlam 98 times coming into this show. In started this piece by saying “this is #99”. The pressure was on him to make it to the second round for #100. He scored well, ranging from an 8.7 to a 10 and got a 27.6. That was the second highest score so far, but there was lots of room and some strong poetry yet to come!

Next was Mia Morgan… who stepped on a huge land-mine. It happens to everyone at one point or another when a poem you knew backwards and forwards suddenly is gone. She fought through but couldn’t get it back. Her scores ranged from 7 to 8 and she got a finals score of 23.9.

Tyrin Kelly was up next. He slammed in both summer shows but this was his first official CapSlam appearance. In his previous showings he did 5 minute poems but we heard he was going to try to keep in to the time limit this time. His scores ranged from 7 to 9 but his times was still 3:51 for a 2.5 time penalty (the only penalty of the night), so he ended with a 22.3.

PrufRock came out from behind the DJ booth to slam next. He went soft and strong. His scores ranged from 8.8 to 10, leaving him with a 27.4.

Next was another rookie! Missaralee had blogged that she was planning to jump into slam with both feet, and did she ever! With a strong peformance and a great comedic poem she got scores from 8.5 to TWO 10s and netted a 28.0!

Julie Vallon has slammed only a couple of times before (including at the VERSeFst Women’s Slam qualifier in May… the next one is coming soon so watch your calendars!). This time out she really won over the crowd! Her scores ranged from 8 to 10 and she nabbed a 28.1!

Last up in the first round was recent Vancouver transplant, DMP! Daniel started on stage but ended in the audience. He JUST missed a time penalty and got scores ranging from 7.7 to 9.3, netting a 26.0.

Then came out feature. Another recent transplant to Ottawa (and by recent, she moved here the day before the slam), Kay’la Fraser wowed and charmed the crowd with a wonderful set of poetry. We are lucky to have her among us and expect she will become a regular fixture on our scene very quickly!

(as a side note, remember how Ottawa had a rep for not being very strong in the area of FEMALE slam artists? Look at us now! V, Kay’la, Kimbit, Mia Morgan, Jenna Tenn-Yuk, CauseMo, and tonight a couple of newcomers Missaralee and Julie Vallon came 2nd and 3rd in the first round, beating some very established vets! The times, they are a-changing!)

In the second round it was Missaralee (pronounced Miss Sara Lee, if you were unsure), came out strong again, pulling down scores ranging from 8 to 10 and finishing with a 27.0, for a total score of 55.0 on the night.

Next was Gavin Russell who got the highest score of the night, with two 10s again and a low of 9.5! 29.3 and 58.2 total.

Next up was PrufRock who ranged from 9 to 9.9 and got a 28.4 and a total of 55.8.

Next was Julie Vallon who ranged from 7.5 to 9, ending with a 25.8 and a 53.9.

Last up was Rusty Priske with his 100th CapSlammed performance. He used that time to announce his retirement from Slam Poetry.

Yeah, right.

The crowd dug the swerve and he grabbed scores ranging from 9 to 10, getting a 29.1 and 56.7 overall.

So the final scores for the first CapSlam of the 2012/2013 season were:

1. Gavin Rusell – 58.2
2. Rusty Priske – 56.7
3. PrufRock – 55.8
4. Missaralee – 55.0
5. Julie Vallon – 53.9
6. Blue – 27.1
7. Sean O’Gorman – 26.7
8. DMP – 26.0
9. Vince Kang – 25.2
10. Mia Morgan – 23.9
11. Adam Pike – 22.5
12. Tyrin Kelly – 22.3

After the show, Rusty told the crowd about our new website and hub for poetry activities for the Capital Poetry Collective! Make sure to check it out! Also, he let people know that Capital Slam and VERSeFest were going to be holding our first Haiku Death Match later int he year, so get writing haiku!

The next slam will be on Sept. 15th… who will be champ #2?


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