Capital Slam Finalist: PRUFROCK!

Another CapSlam Finalist Spotlight!


Anyone who comes to Capital Slam knows this name, even when he is not taking the stage as a slammer! PrufRock, in addition to his skills as a wordsmith, is also the in-house DJ for Capital Slam!

Pruf first showed up on the CapSlam scene during the 2009 season. He built and built over that season and next before making the 2010 Capital Slam team… a team that went on the win the national slam championship at CFSW, bringing the title to Ottawa for the second year in a row!

Since then he has become a force. He helped shock the CFSW world on the finals stage as part of the Urban Legends team in 2011 (as well as being the Urban Legends Champion for that year!)

He also took the Speak Out scene by storm, winning every time he took thier stage.

Poet. DJ, Rap star (his album ‘Master of the Flying Guillotine’ is a MUST hear!), CHUO radio star… PrufRock has done it all!

PrufRock at Speak Out!

At the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championships in 2011.

The Master at work…

Remember, the CapSlam Finals are at the Alumni Auditorium at University of Ottawa on June 16th. Doors open at 6:30 pm. $10. Hosted by Brad Morden and feat. DJ Memetic!


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