Capital Slam Finalist: V!

Our next CapSlam finals spotlight is on V!

V is the third woman, and the third poet competing for the title of CapSlam Rookie of the year, both along with Mia Morgan and Colleen Leafloor.

The first time I saw V sign up to slam it was at Once Upon A Slam, the monthly story slam run by Ruthanne Edward (CapSlam’s volunteer coordinator and doorperson!). While V’s piece was very, very good, it was also clear that what she was REALLY looking for was a poetry slam. We pointed her in the right direction and she started on her path to fame!

At first she showed up with one prepared poem. When she made the second round it was quite a shock to her (but not to the audience), so her second round performances were sometimes… unique… in thier awesomeness! 🙂

As she started to realize that she had real talent in this forum and she started to take it seriously, things really started to take off! In December she won her first slam and then at VERSeFest she came out on top of a star-studded lineup at the Urban Legends invitational slam!

Here is where I put links for people to check out the poets… but in the case of V, it is really hard. (Go ahead. Do a search on someone named ‘V’. I’ll wait.)

She has a poetry blog!

So, I can’t find any video of V, but trust me, she is awesome.

In the meantime, check out this hilarious video featuring Ian Keteku, Brad Morden, Brandon Wint and CauseMo.

Remember, the CapSlam Finals are at the Alumni Auditorium at University of Ottawa on June 16th. Doors open at 6:30 pm. $10. Hosted by Brad Morden and feat. DJ Memetic!


2 thoughts on “Capital Slam Finalist: V!

  1. […] You can read more about V on the Capital Slam blog. […]

  2. […] If you like slam-style poetry, you may wish to check out Spoken Word at Pressed which will be featuring Capital Slam national team member and Rookie of the Year, V. […]

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