Capital Slam Finalist: HYFIDELIK!

Our next Capital Slam Finalist Spotlight is on Hyfidelik, the Gypsy Sun.

Hyf (aka Sergio Guerra… and a bunch of other names depending on his mood, I think…) first appeared on the CapSlam scene somewhere around ’07 or ’08. Free Will apparently convinced him to sign up (Free Will brought a bunch of good poets to our scene… where are you now Will? Come back to our stage!), and he has been around ever since. Soon after that I saw him as a part of Young Griots show and then over at Urban Legends. In 2010, the first full year for U.L., Hyf made a PACKED Urban Legends team (Synonymous, Ibn Najeeb, Hodan Ibrahim, D-Lightfull) then came strong and finished 2nd at CFSW (behind CapSlam’s second straight win).

The next season, he teamed up with Sean O’Gorman and Sarah Musa to take over the running of Urban Legends, to ensure its continued place in the Ottawa Slam scene. In 2011 he made the team again (along with PrufRock, Just Jamaal, Cannon 2X and Brad Morden… a couple of those names will get their spotlights over the coming weeks…) and stormed onto to the Finals stage. Edmonton took the well-deserved title, but it was the U.L. team that people kept talking about.

Now Hyfidelik wants to try his hand with Capital Slam, and we are thrilled to have him!

Hyf’s blog: Sun Blood Memory

108 at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championships in Vancouver last year.

With Ibn Najeeb at CFSW 2010.

Hyf on Twitter

Remember, the CapSlam Finals are at the Alumni Auditorium at University of Ottawa on June 16th. Doors open at 6:30 pm. $10. Hosted by Brad Morden and feat. DJ Memetic!


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