Capital Slam Finalist: RONSENSE!

Another CapSlam Finalist Spotlight!

Ronsense may not be a rookie, but the way he exploded ono the scene this year took many by surprise!

He had slammed in previous years, under the name Ron Langton, but he seemed to never see it as more than a one-off outing. There is certainly room for the ‘casual slammer’ at CapSlam, but you don’t tend to see them on the stage during the semis and finals.

This season, Ron made people sit up and take notice. He made his season debut and in a very short period of team he had won three straight slams – Capital Slam, Once Upon A Slam, and a Nerd Slam.

Ronsense had become someone to be reckoned with when trying to figure out who would be a contender for the CapSlam team in 2012!

Ron at Once Upon A Slam (the story slam)

There isn’t much on-line of Ron doing poetry… but here is a video he made about D&D!

Remember, the CapSlam Finals are at the Alumni Auditorium at University of Ottawa on June 16th. Doors open at 6:30 pm. $10. Hosted by Brad Morden and feat. DJ Memetic!


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