Sir Realist

Another CapSlam Semi-Finalist Spotlight!

This one is on a poet who is very important in the history of Capital Slam: SIR REALIST!

Sir Realist, aka Nathanael Larochette, made his slam debut in early 2006. He made it to the CapSlam finals in his first year and was on the CapSlam team in both 2007 and 2008! When Danielle Gregoire stepped down from her position running both the Capital Poetry Collective and Capital Slam, Nathanael stepped in and became the third ever Capital Poetry Collective Director. Later, when these became elected positions rather than appointed, Nathanael was confirmed to the position through election. This culiminated in 2010 when he was the director of the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Ottawa.
As a poet, he has been well acclaimed. In addition to his positions on the CapSlam teams, he was one of the founding members of the Young Griots – an amalgamation of poetic voices in Ottawa that predated later groups such as the Recipe.
It was as a musician that he has REALLY made his name, however. He is an accomplished guitarist and has shone in various styles and formats. Many remember the Butternuts fondly and the Nightwatch is going strong, but it is under the name Musk Ox that he has made his deepest mark.

After taking a few years off from slam, Sir Realist is back!

At CFSW ’08 in Calgary

On stage at CFSW in Ottawa, where he was director

Poetry for Expose Ottawa

MUSK OX! (complete with a border collie at 4:40…)


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