Loh El

Another CapSlam Semi-Finalist Spotlight!


Loh El has been on the slam scene for a few years, but he really came into his own last season. He credits the birth of his son to bringing new life to his poetry and last year he fought hard to become one of the favourites to get his name on the CapSlam belt. He finished second and then became one of the driving forces behind the 2011 team that put in a strong showing at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Toronto.
This season he picked up two Slam wins and then he went on a western Canada tour that culminated in the Canadian Individual Poetry Championships where he made it to the final night!
Loh El also plays guitar, sings, plays harmonica, you name it.

Here is Loh El’s Blog

At the Vancouver Poetry Slam

At Capital Slam

With 2011 team mate, Bruce Narbaitz

Loh El on Twitter


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