Just Jamaal

New CapSlam Semi-Finalist Spotlight!

Just Jamaal!

Anyone who has heard him knows that there is no ‘just’ about Jamaal! He showed up initially at Urban Legends in 2010 (I believe), becoming a fixture there and on the Ottawa spoken word scene, but not trying his hand at CapSlam until this season.

Jamaal made his first appearance on the national stage as part of the 2011 Urban Legends team… and what an appearance it was! A heavily choreographed production of a Just Jamaal poem was the talk of the festival!

Since then Jamaal has started a group called ‘Make Spoken Word Go Viral’ (search it on Facebook), that had really pushed the activity and spotlight of the art that we so love!

Jamaal and Urban Legends changing the way we look at spoken word!

On the mean streets of the Glebe!

At the U.L. Finals 2011!


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