Our next CapSlam Semi-Final Spotlight is on Mia Morgan!

Let’s check wikipedia! Mia Morgan is a celebrity fashion stylist and film costume designer…

Wait a minute. That isn’t OUR Mia Morgan!

Mia first appeared on the CapSlam scene in July of last year. She made her debut at one of our Summer Slams, grabbing second place her first time out! We were excited to have a wonderful new voice on the stage, but alas, she informed us that she would not be staying as she was moving away at the end of the summer.

There was still August… but when the second summer show swung around, Mia informed us that plans had changed and she was sticking with Ottawa and Capital Slam! Lucky us!

That held up as Mia and her posse can be seen at virtually every CapSlam show and now she is the running to win the CapSlam rookie of the year non-award as well as rep at CFSW!

Mia’s Blog

Mia on the Wild Card team at the first ever CFSW Youth Championships!

And again!

Mia on Twitter


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