Final Regular Season CapSlamReCap!

Tonight was amazingly stupendously incredulawesomeosity personified!

If you missed Capital Slam tonight… well, you missed a lot!

Let’s start on the top. Festrell was hosting. DJ PrufRock was spinning. Rusty Priske was adding. Ruthanne Edward was minding the door. Jennilee was serving the liquid refreshments. The poets were restless and the judges were ready to decide their fate!

The open mic served up some very fresh voices. We started with Gabriel who has been on our stage before, but not often and not recently. He was followed by Nadia, who was a total first timer!

Speaking of first-timers, Capital Slam had a first! Sharing the CapSlam Open Mic stage were Charlotte Qamaniq and Kathleen Merritt who duetted while doing ‘non-traditional throat singing’! It was bananas! The sounds they were making don’t seem possible! Look out beat-boxers, these two have your number!

This slam had some pretty big implications as there was still some jockeying for position as poets tried to win one of the 12 spots in the Capital Slam Semi-Finals in May.

First we saw ArRay-of-WoRds as sac, trying out a two minute piece for his foray to the west. He got a score of 25.7 to set the benchmark.

There is nothing like shattering the benchmark early. The first name out of the hat was perennial superstar, OpenSecret. He came big, as always, and grabbed the eventual top score of the round, with a 29.6.

Next came Just Jamaal. First he fought with something wrapped around his wrist before he could start, and then he fought with the time gods who decreed a small penalty, leaving him at 25.4.

Third up was Hyfidelik. He was one of the poets trying to squeeze into the semi spots. He made a strong case as he got a 28.8.

Next was Mia Morgan. Her spot in the semis LOOKED secure, but you never know! She got a 26.6, the kind of score that MIGHT be in the second round, but it might not.


Candice Bruchhaeuser was next and she also fell prey to the time monster. She ended with a 25.5.

I don’t often criticize judges on here, but the next poet, Sepideh, was out and out robbed. Her poem was beautiful and deserved higher than the 25.9 she got.

Next was Gavin Russell, one of the new faces on the scene. He came strong and netted a 26.7.

Scene stalwart Loose Change was up next and rattled a pocket full of silver to the tune of 22.2.

Yet another new face, Elliott Brierley came up with a 23.9. (Elliott needs to start memorizing his poems. He could easily be the next O’G with some work…)

The penultimate poet on the round was also the penultimate CPC Director thus far, Sir Realist. He gave OpenSecret the biggest run for his money, getting a 29.1.

The round was uh… rounded out, but two-time winner, Ronsense. He scored very well but a big time penalty dropped him to 26.6.

Then came our feature performer, poetry superstar Lucia Misch! What a wonderful collection of pieces! Her W.P.A. poem is a personal favourite. She is awesome. Everyone should book her.

The second round featured six poets instead of the usual five, because Mia Morgan and Ronsense tied for the #5 spot.

Hyfidelik went up first and dealt with a touchy subject in a masterful manner. He got a 28.3.

OpenSecret matched his first round results exactly, getting another 29.6.

Sir Realist was only a note behind with a 29.5.

Gavin Russell lost his poetry virginity and it gave him a 28.8.

Mia Morgan gave a poem for her friends, but they gave her back a time penalty. She ended with a 27.4.

Ronsense got the last spot again and gave us some cathartic scream-therapy. The judges gave back a 29.1.

The final scores were:

1. OpenSecret 59.2
2. Sir Realist 58.6
3. Hyfidelik 57.1
4. Ronsense 55.7
5. Gavin Russell 55.5
6. Mia Morgan 54.0
7. Sepideh 25.9
8. Candice Bruchhaeuser 25.5
9. Just Jamaal 25.4
10. D-Zaster 25.0
11. Elliott Brierley 23.9
12. Loose Change 22.2

So, now is the moment you have all been waiting for… who are the semi-finalists for the 2012 Capital Slam team?

They are:

1. OpenSecret
2T. Sir Realist
2T. Loh El
4. Switch
5. Ronsense
6. Rusty Priske
7. Just Jamaal
8. ArRay-of-WoRds
9. PrufRock
10T. V
10T. Mia Morgan
12. Hyfidelik

The runner up is always offered a spot as one of the sacrificial poet, and this year that is Sean O’Gorman!

The semi-finals are on May 11th at the Alumni Auditorium at the University of Ottawa. You KNOW you don’t want to miss this!


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