CapSlamReCapMarchEditon #2

With only two slams left in the CapSLam season THINGS ARE GETTING INTENSE! Poets are trying to get their work in and jockeying for position. Who will be the top 12 and who will be left on the outside? This may be the DEEPEST CapSlam field EVER.

Capital Slam Slam Master, Rusty Priske took the stage as host in front of a very full Mercury Lounge crowd. He started by bringing the open mic to life, with Avenue (aka Michel, aka Rep Sol) sharing some words of poetry.

The real poetic stirrings kept rolling as Ali went up next. We don’t see you at CapSlam enough, Ali!

Third was Gavin Russell, recent OYPS winner, with a very controversial poem.

The set was rounded out by an ailing Loh El. Feel better soon buddy!

Then the slam hit like THUNDER!

Well, as long as thunder comes in a sub-5 foot package as Kimbit was the sacrificial poet singing and reciting her way to a 26.5.

Drawing the bullet in the slam proper AGAIN was CPC Director and 2011 Urban Legends team member Brad Morden. Brad is one of the people fighting for those last few semi-final spots and he came strong, netting a 28.1.

He was followed by his 2011 Urban Legends teammate, and CapSlam house DJ, PrufRock who moved the bar a little higher, scoring a 28.6.

The big names kept flying as Mia Morgan was called next. Mia is also right in the semi-final mix. 26.4.

There were no first timers but there were three ‘second-timers’, starting with Candice Bruchhaeuser. She came strong, just missing the second round with a 27.4.

Next up was one of the fresh new voices this season, Colleen Leafloor, who got a 26.9 .

One of the Canadian Youth team poetry champs, CauseMo, went up next and got a 25.5.

Next was the reigning Canadian Individual Slam Champion and two time National Slam Team Champion and three-time Capital Slam team member, OpenSecret. He showed why he carries all of those accolades as he stormed into first, getting a 29.7.

2011 CapSlam team member Bruce Narbaitz also came strong with semis spots on the line, netting a 27.6.

The second second-timer, D-Zaster, blasted his way to a powerful 26.0.

The other second-timer, Elliott Brierley, was right behind him with a 25.9.

2010 & 2011 Urban Legends team member Hyfidelik turned up the heat and scorched his way into the second round with a 28.4.

Scene stalwart Loose Change rounded out the first half of the show with a 25.1

After the break Christian Drake shared a great set that had the audience in stitches while still giving solid content to my chewed on like gristle. We don’t see a lot of touring American poets up here, but if they are all as good as Christian, we are in!

The top five poets from the first round went again, still in random order.

First was Bruce Narbaitz talking about animals and art. He slipped a bit (a common occurrence this time out) and got a 27.2.

Next was OpenSecret talking about Joan of Arc and grabbing a huge 29.6.

Brad Morden went back up again and daydreamed to a 27.4.

PrufRock came out from behind his DJ booth again and hit a 28.5.

Hyfidelik rounded out the night and was the only poet to bring his score UP int he second round, getting a 28.5.


1. OpenSecret 59.3
2. PrufRock 57.1
3. Hyfidelik 56.9
4. Brad Morden 55.5
5. Bruce Narbaitz 54.8
6. Candice Bruchhaeuser 27.4
7. Colleen Leafloor 26.9
8. Mia Morgan 26.4
9. D-Zaster 26.0
10. Elliott Brierley 25.9
11. CauseMo 25.5
12. Loose Change 25.1

So here are the current top 12 (who would be in the semi-finals if it were today)

1. Loh El
2. Switch
3. Rusty Priske
4. Just Jamaal
5. ArRay-of-WoRds
6. PrufRock
7T. V
7T. Mia Morgan
9. Sean O’Gorman
10. Colleen Leafloor
11. Brad Morden
12. Bruce Narbaitz

But with only one slam left, April 7th is the last chance for the two-time slammers to get in slam #3 and you will see that some o fthese names are poised to wreak havoc on those rankings.

Any of the poets on this list who sign up between 6:30 and 7pm on April 7 are guaranteed a spot in the slam. They are:

Sir Realist
Gavin Russell
Jessica Ruano
Jean-Marc Nsengiyumva
Vince Kang
Vanessa Baker
Candice Bruchhaeuser
N is for Nubian
Elliott Brierley
Loose Change
DJ Aunt Heather


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