CapSlamReCapMarchEdition #1

March comes in like a Lamb or what not…

Capital Slam comes in like a a poetry urricane. A Poetcane.


The lastest edition of Capital Slam saw Rusty Priske (winner of the last slam) acting as host with PrufRock doing double duty as DJ AND feature!


The open mic started with Kimbit, mixing song and spoken word! Next was Loose Change bringing the love. Sahar was next up and then ArRay-of-WoRds on some stream-of-consciousness kick.


For the sacrificial poet was had Urban Legend, Cannon 2x!

The slam itself saw Jean-Marc drawing the bullet. He still put up solid scores, getting a 26.3.

Switch took things up a notch, though. The National Youth Indy Champ came strong and grabbed a 27.6.

His teammate Blue was next. He got a 26.2.

D-Zaster made his CapSlam debut. He is a regular at Urban Legends and his poem told how he strives to earn his spot on stage. He is well on his way. He got a 26.5 (just missing the second round, in the end.)

Sean O’Gorman made his final CapSlam appearance for a while as he is heading overseas. He did it proud, scoring a 28.5.

Newcomer Julianne Morin was up next, reading a piece in her slam debut. She scored a 25.2.

Sir Realist, former director of the Capital Poetry Collective, set the standard for the slam, exciting the crowd and the judges, who gave him a 29.3!

Gavin Russell was up next. He is fairly new but giving solid performances! This one got him a 27.5 and a spot int he final round.

Just Jamaal, the Urban Legend trying to catch his first CapSlam victory, put in a solid 28.1.

The third newcomer of the slam, Elliott Brierley, performed like a seasoned vet, grabbing a 26.3 after a small time penalty.

Yet another new slammer (up to 72 on the season), Helena Devins, read a poem about her family tree. She got an even 25.0.

The round finished off with Vince Kang (pun intended for those in attendance) and a 26.2.

PruRock’s feature set involved many of his friends in the community as it had guest appearances by Loh El, Sir Realist, Chris Tse, Hyfidelik, Just Jamaal and Cannon 2X. A lot of fun and creative poetry and performance!

The second round brought back the five top poets from the first round, starting with the soon to be prodigal O’G, Sean O’Gorman. He got a 28.4 this round.

Just Jamaal was next and he netted the highest scores so far… but a small time penalty dropped him to 28.9.

Next was Sir Realist who absolutely tore it up, as the classic bit ‘Praying For’ got him a 29.9!

Switch was next and he was nearly the same, getting a 29.7!

Gavin Russell finished off the show by getting a 28.5



1. Sir Realist 59.2

2. Switch 57.3

3. Just Jamaal 57.0

4. Sean O’Gorman 56.9

5. Gavin Russell 56.0

6. D-Zaster 26.5

7T. Jean-Marc 26.3

7T. Elliott 26.3

9. Vince Kang 26.2

10. Blue 26.1

11. Julianna Morin 25.2

12. Helena Devins 25.0


This vaulted Switch into second in the overall rankings and SIr Realist is one slam away from being right there was well!


Next up, on March 24th, is Christian Drake!

Before then, come see Rusty Priske at Dusty Owl on March 18th!




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