CapSlamReCapFebEd #2

The snow dump made events a little lightly attended, but in the end there was a solid crowd, a good list of slammers and an exciting night of poetry and stories!

Nathanael Larochette was host for the evening and he presided over an pretty cool open mic! It was very musical, starting with Rep Sol he played an ambience backing track as he spit some words. Then came musical wonder Muzzy who also had DJ PrufRock set up some tunes while she provided the diction. Next was Shaylynn who handled both music and voice work as she played guitar and sang one of her own songs. Back to poetry for the last spot as Sahar shared a new piece.

Into the slam! Nathanael pulled double duty as he morphed into Sir Realist to be the sac. Always great.

So… who drew the bullet? Capital Poetry Collective Director Brad Morden! (No biases here! Oh wait… who drew the last spot?) The one spot is tough but Brad came hard and got a really strong 28.0

Next was a newcomer to CapSlam, Rolling Zen! We didn’t know what to expect, but he was packing his own merch! He hit the mic with some major power! Solid! 26.7

Kingston Pen member and CapSlam fave, ArRay-of-WoRds was next up – (Be vewwy qwiet. I’m hunting wisdom…) He took the lead, edging Brad with a 28.2

Youth team superstar, CauseMo, was next. (See her at VERSeFest next Thursday! Opening for C.R. Avery!) She got a 27.7

Next was Vessel. Dude has rocked the open mic a couple of times but now he is slamming! 25.9

A cat I have seen at Once Upon A Slam was next. His name is A.J. Comeau and he made a strong debut! 26.9

PrufRock stepped out from behind the DJ booth to rock the mic, taking over the show with a BIG piece and a BIG 29.5!

Next was one of the rising stars at CapSlam, Mia Morgan. She gave a solid performance and netted a 27.7

Another newcomer (the fourth of the night) was Allister Morrison! We want to hear more from all of them! Allister got a 25.9

Last up was CapSlam Slam Master Rusty Priske, repping the Angst! The crowd loved it… and so did the judges! 29.6!

The feature was 2011 CapSlam champ, Sense-Say! If someone had told me he would only do four poems in a 25 minute set, I would be surprised. That’s all he did… but it was AMAZING! Every poem had a story and we were hanging on every syllable! CPC Door person and volunteer coordinator, Ruthanne Edward also happens to be the Slam Master for Once Upon a Slam (the Ottawa story slam) and she immediately booked him to come feature for her. His stories were as great as his amazing poetry!

Wow. Come see him there on March 23rd… WELL worth the trip!

The second round had six poets as CauseMo and Mia Morgan were tied in 5th.

First up was Mia, and she classed us up some and got a 27.0

Brad Morden went up next and hit STRONG! The judges tried to give him a 28.5 but that mean Hannah Christie (not mean… and awesome) made it a 28.0 after assessing him a time penalty.

Third up was Rusty Priske. When was the last time he performed Why Art? It has been a while… but the crowd and judges ate it up. 29.2

Next was ArRay-of-WoRds debuting a new piece and it looks to be a good one! 28.4

PrufRock hit hard, needing a 29.3 to catch the lead. SO CLOSE! 29.1. TIGHT, TIGHT show!

Last up was CauseMo and she gave a powerful performance that was rewarded by the judges to the tune of 28.7

Final results

1. Rusty Priske 58.8
2. PrufRock 58.6
3. ArRay-of-WoRds 56.6
4. CauseMo 56.4
5. Brad Morden 56.0
6. Mia Morgan 54.7
7. A.J. Comeau 26.9
8. Rolling Zen 26.7
9T. Vessel 25.9
9T. Allister Morrison 25.9

The next CapSlam is March 10th and features the Master of the Flying Guillotine himself, PRUFROCK!

But first, GO TO VERSEFEST!!!!!

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