CapSlamReCapFebEd #1

February is the month where things really start to kick into high gear. Anyone who wants to get their three slams in to qualify for the CapSlam Semis has to get to work and as such we give priority sign up for those who haven’t slammed yet this season. Not only did we extend our list of slammers on the season by TEN (taking it to 64) but six of them had NEVER slammed!

As always the night kicked off with an open mic. Loose Change (formerly known as Marco Lobo) dropped some heavy philosophy on us to start things. Kassandra shared pages of her writing. Mirth gave us a bit of Valentine’s Day magic. Blue HAD the last spot, but he gave it up to allow CauseMo to share (she had missed slamming by ONE MINUTE). What a gentleman.

Colleen Leafloor was the sac and she shed blood like an old pro! She set the bar at 25.8

Who drew the bullet? Sir Realist! Under the name Nathanael Larochette, he was the former Director of the Capital Poetry Collective, which puts on CapSlam, but he hasn’t slammed with us in quite a while. He reminded us why he is a two-time CapSlam team member while bringing in a 28.1.

That mark only stood for a few minutes because PrufRock stepped out from behind the DJ booth for his season debut. His salute to Patent Numbers went to 28.4.

Next was one of the newcomers, Arly Marv who spit some straight rap fire. He had the groove but not the judges (or the timekeeper) as they conspired to give him a 24.1.

Youth Champ Switch brought one of his signature pieces, grabbing the high mark for the round… 29.0.

Keisar came back (how long has it been? A year? More?) and gave some fresh lines for a 25.7.

The next two were brand new slammers, starting with Matthew Mackenzie who laid some straight poetry and got a 25.5. He was followed by Gavin Russell, who went the humour route and was rewarded with a 27.1!

Jenna Tenn-Yuk made HER season debut and did so with a little Jamasian flavour, grabbing a 27.9!

Scene fixture DJ Aunt Heather shared some her wit and wisdom, netting a 24.9.

We rounded out the first round with three more fresh new bloods! First came Madii with a 26.7. Then Came Vince Kang who grabbed a 27.1 and then Michelle Wardman slotted just behind him with as 27.0. Turns out that was the cut off so she didn’t quite make it into the second round.

Then came Ian Keteku along with Usman Ali and Sarah Kaye (I THINK that was her name. She was a grade 11 student that reminded me of Emily Kwissa… and that is high praise.)

Ian was inventive and ingenious. He has got to be the most unique and original performer on the circuit. He is amazing.

The second round had six poets due to a tie for fifth.

Jenna Tenn-Yuk went forst in round 2, tying the high mark from round 1, getting a 29.0 with a POWERFUL poem about prejudice and coming out.

Next was PrufRock. I THINK the patois was too much for the judges on this night. Great piece, but it scored a little less – 27.9.

Third up was newcomer Gavin Russell. His poem was about Kit-Kats. That’s right. 27.5.

Next was fellow new blood, Vince Kang… who dreaded following the Kit-Kat poem. 🙂 He got a 25.9.

Sir Realist was next and he scaled a higher mountain and got the single highest score of the competition (and the first 10), 29.3.

But Switch would not be thwarted! He got TWO 10s and another 29.0 for the victory.

Final results

1. Switch – 58.0
2. Sir Realist – 57.4
3. Jenna Tenn-Yuk – 56.9
4. PrufRock – 56.3
5. Gavin Russell – 54.6
6. Vince Kang – 53.0
7. Michelle Wardman 27.0
8. Madii – 26.7
9. Keisar – 25.7
10. Matthew Mackenzie – 25.5
11. DJ Aunt Heather – 24.9
12. Arly Marv – 24.1

If the semis were today, invites would go out to: Loh El, Just Jamaal, ArRay-of-Words, V, Colleen Leafloor, Rusty Priske, Switch, Mia Morgan, Sean O’Gorman, Kimbit, Bruce Narbaitz and CauseMo.

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